Who Are We?

Victoria Westcott is the owner of Classroom Canada and now, Classroom America, and taught in London herself for three years. She's been recruiting teachers to London since 2005 and loves to help teachers understand more about the whole experience through this blog and her ebook, Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians.

Some random facts about Victoria:

  • She did one of her teaching practicca in Bangladesh
  • She loves traveling and is always preparing for the next trip
  • Once she gets talking about a movie or book she loves, you probably can't stop her
  • She produces feature films with her writer/director sister in her free time.  

Dusan Sekulic was introduced to Classroom Canada in 2012 when he himself made the journey to London to teach. Previously, he taught ESL in Toronto, and most recently he had been working as an English teacher in Abu Dhabi. Thrilled to be with Classroom Canada now, he is passionate about helping educators envision and achieve the exciting life they can have in the wonderful city of London and the UK as a whole.

Some random facts about Dusan:
  • He has lived in five different countries
  • An avid writer, he loves creating a variety of fantasy and science fiction stories
  • Once he gets talking about sports, you definitely won't be able to stop him...
  • Having studied Classical Civilizations in university, he is passionate about ancient history


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