Where are we?

The Classroom Canada office is in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada but we are often on the road interviewing teachers for jobs in London, England.  We also do presentations at universities across Canada & the USA with a focus on helping teachers secure the jobs they want. 

Our London office is in Oxford Circus, right in the heart of Central London. 

Our accommodations are a ten minute walk to the office, so if you like living downtown then you'll like working with us.  They are affordable and a great way to meet other Canadian & American teachers working & living in London, England.

We regularly conduct interviews with teachers across Canada and the USA via skype and on the phone so please don't wait for us to come to your town.  Just send your resume & cover letter to apply AT classroomcanada DOT com and we'll phone you to discuss. 

We even do interviews with Canadian & American teachers who are already teaching abroad.  Some of the places our teachers have worked are: Korea, China, Honduras, Bermuda, Bahamas, Japan, Hungary and Italy.  They get the travel bug once they start teaching abroad, and then apply to teach with us in London, England.

One day we may expand to include other British cities but for now, we are very good at what we do in placing teachers into Central London schools.


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