Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to Book the Cheapest Flight to Anywhere

Thrifty Guides: Saving time and money when booking your next flight

Flying on a budget has become a habitual practice for most people in the 21st century. Whether we are travelling anywhere in North America, Europe, Asia and beyond, trying to find the cheapest deals and save as much money as we can for the actual fun things on a trip is an absolute must. That being said, frustration abounds when we examine the plethora of websites and companies that offer varying options, deals and money-saving bargains that can be obtained. It can be overwhelming.

However, there are some websites - namely blogs - that offer a different kind of strategy for everyone to implement. Usually they feature a single person or a couple that have in free-spiritedness chosen the life of a travelling wanderer - a role that many international teachers very much embrace. One such blog is Here is a blog dedicated to the "art of the thrifty nomad." Started by two Canadian high school sweethearts - Jen and Ted - its a classic tale of self-realization, the abandonment of stressful jobs, an exodus of material possessions and the eventual start of a long-term journey of travel and experiences. Music to my ears. 

What I really like about these thrifty nomads is their relatable nature, conveyed through their various trips across the globe, culminating in rich posts of honest opinions, observations and accompanying pictures that fully complement their stories in vivid brightness. What they equally focus on, however, is providing their readers practical advice on how to travel more often without busting the bank.

In their post, "How to book the cheapest fare possible to anywhere," (Nov, 2014) the thrifty nomads outline nine very useful and, it must be said, uncommon tips on saving money when preparing to travel. Among them, the more unique ones focus on "keeping your searches top secret," and "booking long-haul flights yourself for less." All nine of their outlined tips and tricks are sound and quite helpful when you actually try them out online.

Thrifty nomads is fresh, it's new (started in 2014) and very enjoyable to read. As their home page banner reads: Honest. Inspiring. Thrifty. Nomads Jen and Ted provide all three with due gusto.

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