Friday, October 17, 2014

New Set of Standards for Teaching Assistants

New measures to be set for Teaching Assistants in England

Ever a strong supporter of good, solid teaching assistants in England's state schools, I was quite curious when I came across this article by Judith Burns from the BBC, outlining clear measures that will "make the most of their skills and expertise." I found this announcement very welcoming. As Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, who is quoted in the article, put it herself, "Teaching assistants are important members of the education team and the key work they do in schools and colleges need to be properly recognised through a framework of professional standards."

Most of our teaching assistants at Classroom work daily with special needs students, and the BBC piece retirates the importance of support staff who work directly with children with disabilities and learning difficulties, even teaching small groups of children. The article also touches on a belief I firmly have of teaching assistans in London schools: They push students to reach their full potential, raising the standards in the classroom on a daily basis. Jon Richards from Unison states it best when he says, "When deployed properly, teaching assistants have a positive impact on children's education."

If anything, these new measures will only add value to the hard working teaching assistants throughout London and all of England, in addition to giving them more confidence in their positions.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Successful Teachers in London: Who are They?

Who Teaches in London?

Teachers who enjoy teaching in London possess many common qualities and attitudes. Over the years I have found that first and foremost, they are flexible and adaptable, eager to take on new challenges. Their work rate is exceptional as they adapt well to change, whether it is in the subjects they teach or simply day-to-day interactions with staff and students. A good teacher in London can also shake off a bad day and start each day anew.

Aside from positive work mentaility, successful teachers in London also have exceptionally positive attitudes in the classroom and outside. They are outgoing, see the glass as half-full, laugh easily and see the humour in everyday life. Successful London teachers love teaching kids of all backgrounds and believe that all children want to learn, and it's their job to help them. They see kids as kids, no matter what their troubles are.

Educators who enjoy teaching in London want to travel, and appreciate holidays every 6-8 weeks. Lastly, they know one of the reasons why they are in London and remind themselves of that often: I am here to learn new things.

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