Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 2014: A Back to School Promise

Summer makes way for school halls and educating young minds

It's time. Time for another year of intellectual growth, epic battles of dialogue with students of all ages, paperwork, marking and even more marking! It's also the time when our teachers in London are officially back to work. Some long term teachers have already organized their classrooms and met their new students. While others - predominantly new cover teachers who have just arrived in London - are waiting anxiously for their first phone calls to begin their substitution duty and exploration of the UK school system. After almost two weeks, I can say that the hectic year has started already.

The weather is already cooling in London and autumn is just around the corner. Brisk morning walks to the tube, changing leaves, the toll of another church bell, peaceful strolls in parks after school. Shopping for last minute school supplies. Yes, it's a great time to be in London teaching.

As with any year, the challenges and workload pile up, yet we learn from each other as we go along. Whether it is from a fellow teacher at work, a caring sibling, or simply one of our students. Besides helping provide the best opportunities for Canadian teachers to find work and be successful in the UK, this blog is also a bountiful resource. This year, I promise to bring to all of our teachers in London, Canada, and from all over the world, even more insight into this teaching profession that we love and can sometimes hate. Further input on teaching methods and styles, classroom management, use of technology, interviews with teachers in London, and of course, travels in the UK and beyond.

The internet is our forum to share and I hope that we all have a busy, prosperous and fulfilling school year this 2014-2015 academic year!

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