Monday, September 15, 2014

Classroom Canada on Twitter

Classroom Canada on Twitter: News, updates, educational discourse and insight @classroomcanada

I am very pleased to announce to our teachers in the UK, Canada and all educators around the world that Classroom Canada is finally on twitter! I have always enjoyed posting on my personal twitter account and it dawned on me during the summer that twitter was the exact central hub I wanted for all things Classroom Canada and education in general - sprinkled with a little tidbit or two on traveling around the UK and beyond!

The focus will be on education in the UK, through various fantastic twitter accounts that we follow ourselves. From UKedchat to UKEd Magazine, there is so much to see, read about and discover in the digital world. However, I will also delve into education systems, info and tips from around the world, from the extensive use of technology in the Middle East to the innovative teaching happening in Finland and Asia. There is so much to learn from our global colleagues.

My main goal is to provide all updates regarding Classroom Canada's blog and facebook posts, teaching opportunities, as well as teaching tips from some of the best sources of education around the world.

All are welcome!

I hope you enjoy reading the tweets, re-tweets, news and information on our Twitter account on a daily basis. Feel free to comment, re-tweet and have your say whenever you feel the need!

Enjoy the journey @classroomcanada

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