Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day 2014

Just lounging about with Johnny A. Mac on a beautiful Canada Day. Source
Happy Canada Day 2014!

It's that celebratory day on the calendar, July 1st! Hockey touting, Tim Hortons questing, Maple Leaf wearing, hanging out with all our buds, time of year again! As Canadians, we know how to have a relaxing, fun time, whether it's with our friends, family, or just fellow citizens. Taking a stroll through the online world yesterday, I was interested to see what exciting events were on hand in London for July 1st.

What struck me right away was that the Canada Day festivities at Trafalgar Square, a staple of all things Canadian in the UK - food, concerts, visiting RCMP's, etc. - for the last 8 years, was sadly cancelled. "Due to extenuating circumstances..." Which of course smelled like financial obligations not being met. Alas, whatever the case, one of the most popular 'Canadian' events of the year in London was not happening today. No home away from home.

And so like many other Canadians, as I noted on the Canada Day International facebook page, I just moved on to see what else I could find. I wasn't the only one. One Mark Sultana, from Burlington, posted that he was organising an event called 'Pop Up Canada' at a pub by Trafalgar Square - there will be a one-man act, but plenty of Canadian drinks and poutine. There are always alternatives and opportunities to make the most out of today.

Yes, the celebration this time may lack the pomp and grandeur of yesteryears, but as always, we make do with what we have. It's Canada Day, time for whatever you want it to be. Humble barbecues with your mates outside the flat, catching a dinner and a movie with some Canuck friends, going to a concert, or just wearing a Canadian shirt on this day, to remind all your students that you are from Canada - yes, that country beside America. No, you don't say "eh" in every sentence. And no, Justin Bieber did not live on your street. We are the country that rocks at the Winter Olympics, but woeful at the Summer games. Rubbish at football (saw-kah - British for soccer), but getting better at tennis. Just all around cool teachers and even cooler people.

From all of us here at Classroom Canada, I wish everyone a very Happy Canada Day!

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