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10 Things Teachers Want to Say to Parents, but Can't...
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Things you have always wanted to share with the parents of your students

With the end of the school year closing in rapidly, many teachers like to reflect on the year that was, both professionally and personally. Thinking of ways to help my students improve their performance for next year, I find myself contemplating the numerous meetings I had with the parents of my students. Meetings both during Parent-Teacher evenings and other times during a school day itself when certain academic and behavioural issues needed to be discussed with particular students.

For the most part, the parents I have met and gotten to know over the year have been patient, supportive and very much helpful when it comes to encouraging their children to succeed in school. However, as we all know, there are some parents that can be, let's just say, a little more difficult to deal with. Professionalism and patience need to be at their best in these cases, to say the least.

Often, in those situations, we all wish we could say a thing or two about how we really think they should help their children - your students - succeed. Advice that you know, and I know, would be incredibly beneficial to all parties involved.

And with that, I give you "10 things teachers want to say to parents, but can't." It's a very candid, informative and, dare I say, entertaining article from a primary teacher writing via

My top 5 from the list:

1. Your kids are not your mates
2. Data levels aren't everything
3. Video games carry certificates for a reason
4. John Terry is no role model
5. Sorry, your kid's just lazy

Please do check out the full list, complete with great explanations for each, at the vital link provided below. I highly recommend you read the numerous comments provided by other teachers who gave their two cents on the topic - they have some great lists of their own as well!

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