Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When to Apply for Teaching Jobs in London, England

I've spent the past 6 weeks on the road travelling across Canada speaking at teachers colleges about teaching abroad, and specifically about teaching in London, England.  It's been a busy time for Classroom Canada, with our new teachers settling into life in London, and our veteran teachers cracking on with the new academic year.  We're fielding all the questions from experienced teachers in Canada who are considering the move abroad, and of course, all of the teachers college students who will graduate in the spring.

So, when should you apply to teach in London, England?

If you are still in teachers college, and finish in April or May 2014, then the best time for you to apply is after you have completed a large practicum (4 weeks or more).  That usually happens in the first term of the year, and so you are ready to apply in January or February.

When you apply, we will talk with you about the options in terms of your arrival.

Some teachers like to arrive as soon as their studies are done, and land in London in May.  These teachers obtain letters from their university that say they have completed all necessary coursework to obtain a B.Ed and they tend to miss their actual convocation, choosing instead to have their degrees mailed to them.  The school year in England ends in the 3rd week of July, so these teachers tend to do some end-of-the-year supply teaching and go for job interviews for positions that start in September.  This is a very competitive approach to arriving in London as a new teacher, as most teachers arrive in Sept/Oct so they miss the spring opportunities for teaching interviews for the new academic year.  The May arrivals scoop up the last minute teaching jobs - which is a great approach to starting your new teaching career in a new city!

Other teachers prefer to spend the summer at "home" and then arrive in London in September or October. They save up as much money as they can in their summer jobs and then arrive in London with the new academic year. They should still apply in January or February though!  The vast majority of teachers need time to prepare for teaching abroad, as well as to complete their paperwork of course.

We do accept applications all year though.  The bottom line?  Apply when you are ready. When you know for sure that you want to teach abroad, and not just because you might be nervous about the lack of job opportunities for new teachers back home.

Need more information?  There are more than 600 blog posts in this very blog for you to explore.  I'm not writing as much these days, only because I think I've covered almost everything in here already, so please...take a wander around.

There's also the award winning ebook, Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians.  

Good luck and enjoy your teaching & adventures!

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