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101 Reasons to Teach in London, England

Picadilly Circus

Thanks to Dusan & Katie for this week's guest blog post - 101 Reasons to Teach in London, England!

  1.  Museums are free.
  2. You earn pounds instead of dollars. Ch-Ching!
  3. Once you get the hang of the transportation system, it is so easy and efficient.
  4.  It doesn’t rain as much as you think.
  5.  Unlike in Canada, where there are 1 or 2 days off in a month, in London the school year is longer but there are longer holidays, e.g. 2 weeks off for Christmas, 2 weeks off for Easter…
  6. There are historical landmarks all over the city.
  7.  Shopping on Oxford and Regent street.
  8. The theatre is amazing.
  9. If it suits you, you can eat and drink in the theatre, like you would at the cinema.
  10. You are a train ride away from Paris.
  11.  You are a couple hours flight away from all other European gems.
  12.  The double-decker buses. You can sit on the top level and have a nice view on the commute to work.
  13. You don’t need to know how to drive because public transportation takes you anywhere you want to go!
  14.   The rain is usually more of a drizzle.
  15. Lots and lots of markets that sell food, clothes, spices, antiques, art, etc.
  16. You are living in the city where hundreds of movies have been filmed. Go to the locations where your favourite films were shot.
  17. Hyde Park
  18. Walking through Hyde Park and imagining being J. M. Barrie or a character from Jane Austen’s novels.
  19. Sherlock Holmes
  20. Even if you don’t live in the city, the tube makes it so that you’re never that far.
  21. You can watch a play at the Globe for a decent price and imagine what live theatre would have been like in Shakespeare’s time.
  22. London is such a multicultural city so you will not feel like a foreigner. Most people living in London aren’t from London anyways.
  23. The London Eye provides spectacular views of the city.
  24. The food is affordable.
  25. The food is diverse.
  26. Your students will be diverse. London schools are extremely multicultural.
  27. You can travel by boat on the River Thames.
  28. Many celebs live/have lived in London. You can go to the same place where Princess Diana had tea or shop at the same stores Gwyneth Paltrow does.
  29. The bridges. There are so many bridges on the River Thames. Old ones, new ones. So you can cross from one side of the Thames to the other as often as you’d like.
  30. There is a teacher shortage in London so you will get work.
  31. Apparently it rains less in London than anywhere else in the UK.
  32. The Premier League.
  33. London is rich in history. Historical landmarks are on every corner and many legendary artists, writers, musicians have come from London.
  34.  Music. There are plenty of concerts, live shows and the like all around London.
  35. There are hundreds, no thousands, of pubs.
  36. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. This place brings out the child in everyone. Adults and children can both revel in the lights, food, and fun here.
  37. Christmas in London is magical. The lights and decorations on Regent and Oxford street, the displays in the shop windows…
  38. Despite the British tendency to put pork and meat in every dish, gone are the days when vegetarians had no place to go in London. There are plenty of vegetarian options in London, and as mentioned before, an array of multicultural foods to indulge in.
  39. The Queen lives here.
  40. Drinks are (generally) affordable here. Even cheap.
  41. Even if the tube is packed, everyone keeps to themselves and you don’t feel invaded.
  42. If you like tea, you belong here.
  43. If you like castles, you belong here.
  44. If you like palaces, you belong here.
  45. The architecture. If you look at the top of the buildings in the city, you can pinpoint what time period they were from. Even though they house a modern style Topshop or Starbucks underneath, they
  46.  Lots of beautiful outdoor space. Be it the paths in Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, or Hampstead Heath, you are never far from beautiful green space right in the city.
  47. It is warmer here than most places in Canada. Winter is never as cold, summer is never as sweltering.
  48.  British accents. 
  49. British expressions.  
  50. It isn’t hard to find accommodation. It seems like people are always moving in London, so it is perfectly easy to find new living space and to switch bills over.
  51. There are so many free things to do in London. If you are strapped for cash you can still enjoy the vibrancy of the city.
  52. The nightlife. After work the night begins. Clubs, pubs, theatres, restaurants, concerts, live shows. Anything and everything to entertain you.
  53. If you supply teach, you will really be able to take advantage of this nightlife because your days will end somewhere between 3:30 and 4:30.
  54. Libraries. I don’t even know why someone would bother going to the bookshops here when they can get a library card and have free access to thousands of classics. Not to mention cheap DVD rentals.
  55. Speaker’s Corner at Hyde Park. This has existed for a long time. This is an opportunity for any given person to be a public orator in the park, expressing their opinions on any given subject, usually political, cultural, or religious. Things can get really heated. Grab yourself a bag of popcorn and it’s a show.
  56. “Tired of London, tired of life”. There is a certain energetic vibe and buzz about this city. It really makes you feel alive. It may not be the city that never sleeps but it is certainly not a city that lets you rest.
  57. If you tire of London, or need a break, you are a train ride away from Oxford, Bath, Cambridge, Brighton, the Cotswolds, Wales and Scotland.
  58. Teaching in London means teaching among young, dynamic teachers. It is really refreshing to see teachers under age 35 here in London who are skilled and comfortable in their profession. Get used to it.
  59.  On the weekend you can take advantage of small tours about the city.
  60. If you can get past Ryan Air’s travel conditions, you can fly to many places for cheap, cheap prices.
  61. If you are flying, there are plenty of airports around London, and there are trains and buses to every one of them.
  62. Teacher shortage in London means you actually have career options here, which is unlikely in Canada. Long term, short term, permanent, it’s all up to you here.
  63. Go to tkts in Leicester square and get discount tickets to theatre shows the day of.
  64. Take advantage of the free walking tours in London such as the Jack the Ripper tour where you get to trace where the grisly murders took place.
  65. Whatever you choose to do or teach when you come here you will be boosting your resume, because you will actually be working in your field, and you will most likely be getting valuable and diverse experience.
  66. If you are lucky, you may get to teach your preferred subject. I was lucky enough to secure a long term position in the subject I studied in University. In other words, I landed my dream job, something that never would have happened in Toronto.
  67. Learn to drink your tea – or other caffeinated beverages – piping hot the way they do here.
  68. Visit the iconic Fortnum and Mason, where the royals visit and Princess Di used to frequent for tea.
  69. You get to don your trench coat and nice fall-wear for many months of the year.
  70. The weather is more temperate here, which means the temperature won’t be 25 degrees one day and 8 degrees the next day (cough, Toronto, cough).
  71. Stonehenge. It is not that far and it is worth going.
  72.  You will likely meet teachers in London from all over the globe.  Not only will this make you feel less like an outsider but it will enrich your experience teaching.
  73. London may not be seen as the fashion capital, but it is fashionable nonetheless, so you can indulge your sense of style among the high streets of fashion, the vintage shops, or the markets in the East end.
  74. The greenery in London is impressive in a city this expansive. It also makes for a great departure from the busy, cosmopolitan feeling of London. Tranquil parks like Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill are like urban getaways.
  75. Catch a classical musical performance at historical St Martin in the Fields in the heart of London.
  76. Greenwich. 
  77. The naval museum.
  78. The Queen’s Palace.
  79. The Planetarium. 
  80. The churches, which are historical and cultural monuments. Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s, Temple Church are among some of its finest. You can go at visiting hours or sit in one of the services.
  81.  London is a venue for famous sporting events: tennis at Wimbledon, football at Wembley, the 2012 Olympics at the O2 Arena, Twickenham Stadium for rugby, the list goes on and on.
  82. TimeOut London is a great resource for things to know about and things to do in London. It includes best cheap eats, nightlife, theatre, beauty, etc.
  83. When your friends or family come to visit you in London they will be so impressed by the city, and maybe a bit jealous of you.
  84. If your friends and family don`t visit you in London, you have the option of visiting them because you will have 13 weeks of holiday throughout the school year.
  85.  No matter your experience here, you will grow as an individual by making the move to London. You will learn more about yourself and develop your skills as a teacher.
  86. Visit one of the many art galleries the most well-known being the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square. You can check out galleries and up-to-date exhibits on the TimeOut London website.
  87. Barbican Library for free access to books, periodicals, and cheaper fare on DVDs, CDs. The library seating area overlooks a lake and neighbouring gardens. And a hidden fact, the music library has a piano which is free to public use.
  88. Barbican Centre (which houses Barbican Library) always has interesting things on. It holds contemporary and classical musical concerts, art exhibits, film screenings, and theatre performances. The building is equipped with coffee and food areas, and a martini bar on the second level. There is even a nice arboretum on the top level.
  89. It’s not as expensive as you would think in London. Even so, you are earning more here than you would anywhere else. Mentally convert your hard earned pounds into dollars and you will feel satisfied.
  90. If you chance by the East End, Westfield Shopping Centre at Stratford is the largest shopping centre in the EU.
  91.  Night buses help you get home when you’ve been out long past curfew.
  92. Night buses are highly entertaining.  We've had many a long conversation with the most unusual & interesting people on the night buses!
  93. If you work day-to-day supply, you can take advantages of the weekdays you don’t work. Be a tourist and go to your desired destination during off-peak times.
  94.  If you are lazy or don’t have time to grocery shop, many grocery stores, like Tesco, can delivery your groceries to your home.
  95. School trips! You will not have to pay and you’ll get paid to visit something new and interesting in the city!
  96. There is a great sense of esteem in saying you work in London.
  97. When you return home, you get to say "I taught in inner city schools in London" and everyone will know what you mean, or at least pretend to know. 
  98. You might even get teaching job interviews when you return home, as you'll return a more experienced teacher than when you left.
  99. Forget volunteering - you get to actually work. And get paid. As a teacher. Like you trained to do.  
  100. Single? Fall in love with dating in London.  There are more single people in London than there are couples.
  101. And finally - Why not?  What's stopping you?

Know another reason to teach in London? Please share your thoughts below!  To apply for teaching jobs that start in Sept/Oct 2013, simply submit your resume & cover letter to apply AT classroomcanada.com.

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