Thursday, May 23, 2013

Science & Math Teachers - Jobs in London, England

We are always on the hunt for great teachers of all subjects, but I will admit that science & math teachers are always in high demand. 

I am pretty sure that's the case around the world actually.  In London, these teachers get 13 weeks of holiday a year, and are a quick flight or train to places like Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague...

I am currently interviewing primary, secondary & SEN teachers for jobs that start in September 2013.  To see our current job postings in London, just see this site.   Like the page, and all of our current teaching jobs will show in your facebook feed.  Apply right away as interview spots are getting booked very quickly!  Send your resume & cover letter to apply AT

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to House Sit Your Way Around the World

I've recently embraced a "Location Independent" lifestyle, which is kind of a fancy way of saying "homeless."
Seriously.  Hear me out...

For 6 years I've run Classroom Canada out of a small home based office, and bragged that I can do the work from anywhere in the world as the internet has really knocked down global barriers in so many ways.  I  work mostly from a computer & conduct phone & skype interviews across Canada and with Canadian teachers who are themselves scattered around the globe.  So, why not work in more tropical locations right?

I kept telling myself that I needed a home base. I've traveled so much and wanted to have my feet on the ground for a while, and I visit the universities across Canada & the USA which gives me heaps of travel anyway. Plus I travel to London once a year, and of course fit in some other travels there too.  But really, I was just lying to myself as I would still dream of more holidays in my life.  I'd dream of picking up & just going. It's the international adventurer in me that doesn't seem to slow down with age.  It's quite the opposite in fact!

Me in Chicago. One of my favourite house sits ever.
Then I discovered and realized that I could actually let go of my home base & travel my way around the globe while still working from "home."  I've been location independent since November 2012 and have taken care of dogs, cats & a hamster and homes without pets as well.  I've stayed in 5 star luxury homes for the most part, but I'm currently writing from a sweet little condo apartment with a great big dog named Brooklyn at my feet.

View from one of my Beach Front House Sits in Victoria, Canada

I've lived in Ojai California where I cared for 2 Aerial Yoga instructors home (for real - they do yoga on the trapeze & rings), Los Angeles where I cared for 2 extremely shy cats, Victoria Canada (multiple homes and pets), and now I'm in Austin Texas.  Eventually, I will accept the offers in places like Italy, Australia, Barbados, Costa Rica...

And so this brings me to you, dear teachers.  How can you house sit your way around the world while still having a stable, location dependent job?  Well, I think I have the answer.

In London, you have 13 weeks of holiday a year.  These holidays are spread out kind of like having Spring Break every 4-6 weeks which is fantastic for teachers as they travel Europe & Africa and really take advantage of living in London.  But it's more expensive to travel during the holidays as all the families in the UK are taking the same holidays and the airlines & hotels know this so they increase their prices.  It's fine for daily supply teachers, as they can just book their trips for the Thursday night before the break begins, thus avoiding the Friday high prices.  But for those with full-time jobs, the travel will always be a bit more expensive ( but still, do-able on a teacher's salary!).  What if you want to save more money and still travel, but not have to hitchhike and stay in campgrounds or friends couches?

Fancy caring for a thatched roof home in England? Or a castle?

If you set up a profile on Trusted House Sitters and watch for British posts you'll likely notice that a lot of the posts will actually line up with your holiday dates, as families take holidays & need their pets & homes cared for while they go away.  So, the dates are actually perfect for teachers! You might not be able to travel the whole world just yet, but you can certainly travel all of England & Scotland very easily, for the cost of a train or even a bus (Mega Bus has 1 pound tickets anywhere in the UK if you book in advance).

During those 6 weeks of summer holiday that you get, you could easily house sit in more far-off places like New Zealand and Australia or Central & South America. You're saving thousands of dollars by not paying for hotels, and you'll be able to cook from home which also saves you on eating out all the time.  Sometimes, you even get paid!  My last luxury house sit paid me in amazing bottles of wine (heaven!) and a gorgeous massage at a spa.  I couldn't be happier!

If you apply to teach in London and manage to score an interview with me, be sure to ask me where I am in the world.  I am currently interviewing teachers for jobs in London that start in September 2013.  Now is the time to get your resume & cover letter in.  Simply email them to apply AT  Good luck!

Where do you want to live? Could you care for other people's pets and houses or do you think you'd prefer to stay in hotels as you travel?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

101 Reasons You Need to Live in London after Graduating from College

Every once in a while, someone on another blog writes a post that we simply have to share with you here.  This one is geared towards new graduates on & can apply to teachers and non-teachers alike.

Go on over to their blog and read: 101 Reasons You to live in London Once and then come back here & read all about teaching in London from a Canadian perspective.  

Teachers should start applying for teaching jobs in London now.  We're currently hiring for Sept 2013.  Just send your resume & cover letter to apply AT  Good luck!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Teaching Jobs in London, England - Updated Daily

With September just around the corner, we have our busiest season of the year upon us.  New and experienced teachers are looking for teaching jobs abroad, and our inbox is inundated with their CVs and cover letters.

One of the first stages to teaching abroad is to examine what kinds of teaching jobs are out there and get to know the keywords and terminology before applying, so that you sound like you've done the research & are prepared for teaching in a new country.  Besides reading the award-winning, Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians, another great idea is to look at the current job openings in our London schools.

Classroom Ltd is now posting all of the current jobs on facebook, where they know most of the teachers spend heaps of time (myself included, as much as I try to limit my time on facebook, I do find myself getting sucked in much more than I expect!).  Just like the page & check out the job feed as often as you like.  You will see terms like KS1, KS2, A Levels, Maths (instead of Math), Humanities (English & Geography).  Keep reading this blog & the ebook and you'll have a handle on the new terms in no time.

When you're ready to apply for a teaching job in London with us, simply submit your cover letter and resume to apply AT  Good luck!


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