Friday, April 26, 2013

Teaching Jobs in London, England for Canadian Teachers

Primary/Secondary/SEN Teachers are encouraged to apply for teaching positions in London, England that start in September and October 2013. We will be conducting interviews across Canada via skype, phone & in person. Apply as soon as possible so you ensure that we have time to review your resume and offer you an interview time if possible.

The majority of Classroom Canada's teaching jobs are in Central London and our accommodations are located right downtown so your travel time to schools will be reduced. All teachers must have a B.Ed or M.Ed and be eligible for either a visa to teach in the UK or have an EU passport that allows them to work in the UK. You can see more about the visa requirements here:

Applicants are strongly encouraged to do their research on our blog, and in particular to read more about our teachers experiences in London. The blog is jam-packed with essential information about teaching in London from a Canadian perspective & will really help applicants to know whether London is the right fit for them.

Teaching Jobs include:
- Supply Teaching (aka Day to Day Teaching, TOC, Daily Supply, Substitute Teaching),
- Long term positions of a term or more
- Permanent positions.
- Primary, Secondary & SEN Teaching Positions.

If selected for an interview, we will discuss all of your options with you so you are well informed and comfortable with the decision to teach in London.
Successful Classroom Canada Teachers are:
  • Passionate about teaching & travelling the world at the same time.
  • Flexible & easy-going. They "go with the flow."
  • Well researched & prepared for teaching in London (with our help).
  • Well-rounded individuals with interests outside of teaching (Some of our teachers swing dance, some run Tough Mudder Races, some are avid readers & bloggers, some body build & do cross fit, but all have something that keeps them learning for life).
  • Able to see the humour in every day life.
If this sounds like you, please apply right away. Send your resume & cover letter to apply AT

A Few Quotes From our Teachers
"I have been very happy with Classroom. I started working my first week in London. I have about four schools that I go to regularly and am usually working five days a week and this is just as daily supply. Classroom is a great agency that is very approachable and personable and truly has my best interest at heart." Laura McDougall, Canadian teacher currently working in London.

"I stayed with Classroom because they truly do try their best to get you the jobs that you want. I haven’t had any trouble at all getting full time work, andhave been given jobs that they know I prefer. I really enjoyed one school in particular, and after letting them know, I am always getting calls for work at that same school. They also often call me just to see how my days are, and to make sure I’m still happy!" Katie Koskinen, Canadian teacher currently working in London.

"Victoria was always checking up on me, making sure I was on the right track and feeling good about my move to London. I've been very happy with the staff in the London office as well, they've been extremely helpful in finding me work and being 100% supportive!" Jeff Saunders, Canadian teacher currently working in London.

"Just do it! I was so nervous about the move, the change, the unknown...but honestly, it has been the best decision I have made. It is a big change teaching over here, but take it one day at a time and with a grain of salt when you have those crazy days because it does get easier. I promise!" Shannon Griffin, Canadian teacher currently working in London.

Read more from our Canadian teachers.  Apply right away by sending your resume & cover letter to apply AT

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