Monday, November 26, 2012

A Letter from a Canadian Teacher in London, England

I always love to hear from our teachers, especially after they've scored the job of their dreams in one of our schools in London.  I asked Dusan if I could share his letter to me & he agreed (thanks Dusan!). I've just changed the school names and locations for safety. 

Hi Victoria,

I hope you are well. I wanted to let you know how things were coming along in London this last month! Work really started to pick up after half term break. I worked in a couple of different schools, teaching such a variety of subjects and levels, such as PE, Geography, English, and even French. I particularly enjoyed that Year 7 class, learning about new animals in French...brought a lot of memories back from my middle school days. :) ABC Girls Academy, not too far from me at Rainbow Road, has become a regular call up. I have a good rapport with the staff, it's always an eventful, exciting day of teaching, and I have a good system set up there as well. All the experiences I have had so far have been really rewarding, enriching, and so invaluable.

The best news came today when I had my second interview for a long-term position in just over a month! It was at the very successful FGH Catholic High School in London for an English teacher position, full-time maternity cover from January to July. I had a 25 minute trial lesson I had to deliver to a Year 12 class - which was great - and my interview went really well. The school offered me the position before I even left and I have been just filled with joy and excitement ever since! I'm really looking forward to teaching at the school. I think the students are incredibly bright, the school itself and the area around it is so beautiful, the staff is excellent and it is going to be such tremendous experience for me (there's even another teacher from Toronto in the school who has been teaching here for four years!).

The Classroom team was  fantastic during the whole process. Kelly and Caroline on the Secondary team were always providing encouragement and support as I was preparing for the interview earlier this week and even helped out with extra resources and links for me to look at when prepping for my lesson.

Coincidentally, Katie also got a posting today with a Primary school that lasts all of next week and the first two days of the following week. Six solid days of work.

Like you always say on your blog, just be patient, enjoy the city, and work will come. I'm just so thrilled to be back in the classroom doing what I love the most!

Best regards,


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