Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Arrive & Thrive in the UK: Another Great Resource for Teachers Moving to the UK

How much are you loving the Summer Olympics in London this year?  If watching the games doesn't make you want to move there, I'm not quite sure what else would! I love seeing the landscape of London every day and honestly, I've never admired London as much as I am now.

I promised you that I'd share loads of great resources for teachers moving to the UK, so here's another resource that looks really helpful.

How to Arrive & Thrive in the UK
*This resource helps anyone looking to move to the UK, not just teachers!
From their website:

You will discover the following crucial information in detail:
  • 3 types of passports enjoying automatic entry to the UK
  • 9 typical pieces of documentation required for a visa
  • 6 most commonly granted visas explained in detail
  • 2 websites where you can find your perfect visa and up-to-date visa news
  • 15 vital things you need to do before leaving with more than 3 months to go
  • 10 important things you'll need to do with 2 months remaining
  • 14 useful things you'll want to do with only a month to go
  • 7 practical things to do with a week remaining
  • 5 simple things you can do on the day of departure to calm your nerves
  • 4 inescapable UK taxes explained
  • 3 lifestyle taxes you need to know about
  • 2 government bodies that you'll actually WANT to deal with
  • 11 useful government websites of interest you may wish to visit
  • 6 useful formulas dealing with converting Imperial and metric measurements
  • 5 crucial things that a bank will want to see before opening an account
  • 3 clever ways to secure a bank account if you're struggling
  • 11 types of accommodation in the UK to choose from
  • 7 easy things you can do to find a nice, new home
  • 5 recommended websites to help in your search for a home
  • 8 steps involved in renting your British property
  • 6 childcare options for parents
  • 75 English everyday slang terms that you just have to know
  • 36 modern English expressions - if you want to avoid embarrassment
  • 5 big supermarket chains that will deliver to you when it suits you
  • 3 sneaky recruitment agency tricks you have to watch out for
  • 5 useful websites for finding yourself almost any type of job in the UK
  • 5 most commonly used forms of public transport and how to use them
  • 10 useful tips for dealing with the British climate
  • 1 Big Secret of recruitment agencies that improves your job prospects
  • 1 car insurance tip that will save you hundreds of Pounds year after year
  • 100's of other things you didn't know about your new life in the UK, but need to
Check out How to Arrive & Thrive in the UK and please let me know if you purchase it & what your thoughts are.

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