Friday, July 13, 2012

Moving to & Living in London - Life a video guide on moving to the uk

I really like Belle & Nick, of Moving2London - they are 2 Australians that walk you through everything you need to know to move to London.  I've chatted with them a few times (through email as I'm currently in Canada), and I feel like these 2 really have it going on.  They're young, they've made the move to London themselves & it looks like they're trying to make a solid side business helping people from around the world make the big move to London.

I just discovered that they also have a Guide for those of you that are in a hurry to just get the info & don't want to spend hours on the web navigating your way around.  It's called Survive & Thrive in London and it answers:

How do I actually get there?

How good will things across the pond actually be?

How can I get a visa?

Do I need any permits to live in London?

What accommodations are available and are they affordable?

How can I get a job in London?

What is the best way to send money back to your loved ones in your motherland?

What exactly is the social scene there?
And definitely a lot more!

Check it out & let me know your thoughts so I can know if I should be recommending this to the Canadian teachers who move to London with us.  Thanks! Happy researching, reading, dreaming & scheming.

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