Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving Forward & Reflecting Back

I decided to take a quick look at the Classroom Canada blog statistics this morning and would love your thoughts on how I can improve this blog to make it an even more useful tool for you as you consider teaching in London.

First, let's take a quick look back on this little blog.

This blog has had 92,169 page views since it started in 2008.
We've had 577 published comments (I don't publish the spam).
We've posted 586 times.
And we have 55 followers who use the google reader button on the right hand side. 

Now let's look into the future.

I'd love to improve on the quality of my posts, rather than the quantity. I want the blog to genuinely help teachers considering the move to teaching in London, and I know I've already helped hundreds (if not thousands!), but I want to help even more. I want the posts to make a difference.  And I'd love for the number of followers to sky rocket to 1000+ but I need your help to do it. 

So what should I be doing better?

Please help me make this blog the best blog it can possibly be.  Share your insights, your criticisms, your praises below.  Let me know what you think about when you come to the blog.  How did you stumble across it?  Do you hate it? Why? Do you love it? Why?  Don't worry about my feelings - let me know what you really think!  And if you have solutions, that's even better. 

I'm leaving it up to you here.  How can this blog help you even more?


  1. I love reading the Coffee Time With... interviews. I think it provides a great first-hand experience and glance into life and teaching in the UK. The interviews always seem honest and candid, which is useful when making the decision about teaching in the UK. Your blog also offers valuable information about how the visa process works.

    Maybe including information on the different boroughs in London would be helpful because it is confusing to grasp when you are still on the other side of the pond.

  2. Hi Natalie! Thanks so much for sharing. I really appreciate the feedback. I'll be looking into some great resources on the London boroughs to help. You're right, it can be very confusing! Even after living in London for 3 years, I am often still confused by all the different boroughs. Hopefully I can help with other sites at least!


Thanks for sharing your two pence!


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