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Teach in China with Disney! ESL Jobs for Great Teachers

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Here's something new & exciting to Classroom Canada.  We've recently been asked to refer 10 ESL teachers to Disney schools in China. Yes, you read that right - Disney, China, 10 ESL teaching jobs.  Intriqued?  Read on...

Teaching roles in China Exciting Foreign Trainer positions….

The opportunity:

No one speaks the language of children better than Disney and nothing captures their imagination more than a great story.  Combining the art of storytelling with breakthrough technology methodology, Disney spark a child’s passion for learning English.

This is a great opportunity for a 12 – 18 month contract, or longer so a real chance to become immersed in an amazing culture, supported by a premium employer.

The role:

Disney English is looking for exceptional individuals to instruct children ages 2-12 at their Language Learning Centres throughout China.  Trainers will use an innovative and immersive Disney program, leveraging Disney’s beloved characters, stories, songs, animation and other materials, to provide a highly engaging and effective premium learning experience.

The English Language Trainer reports to the Language Learning Director (LLD) in the Disney English Language Learning Centre.

Your responsibility:

Using the Disney English interactive content and comprehensive classroom/home delivery of Disney English including the “on-line” parent portal, along with scripted printed materials, multimedia and a variety of audio-visual aids – you will deliver exciting sessions with an emphasis on dialogue, story-telling, singing and role-playing, alongside more formal exercises, language games and literature.

You’ll be supported by the local Assistant Trainers and will attend weekly meetings with your LLD. 

Alongside lesson preparation, you’ll be expected to support students with private lessons to language learners as required.  Interaction with both parents and students will ensure that language learning is fun, engaging and educational.

Qualifications and experience

You will have a Bachelor’s degree along with at least 1 years’ experience teaching, although ideally 2 or more years’ experience teaching English to children.  To ensure learning is of the highest calibre, candidates should be native English speakers.  You’ll have an internationally recognized TEFL or TESOL certification (although this can be obtained via Disney English).

To bring the world of Disney alive you’ll need to be creative and an excellent communicator so a background or passion for music, art and the performing arts would be a great benefit.

The Reward:

Your average salary is 10,000 – 11,000 RMB per month equating to $1587-1745 USD per month.  Your accommodation costs will be covered (a further $475 ) along with a training bonus of approximately $1100.  You’ll have high health and dental insurance premiums paid on your behalf to ensure you have access to top quality healthcare and your flight to China will be secured.  You’ll have a monthly return flight allowance which equates to a total of $790 USD.

 Being a part of the Disney Team provides you with free entrance to the parks and an amazing discount in Disney stores.  And brilliant credentials for your career.

To apply, send your CV/Resume & Cover Letter to and be sure to use the subject heading DISNEY JOB.

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