Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Save $25 off your next flight

Every dollar counts when you're moving overseas to teach, so be sure to take advantage of this special offer.  Save $25 when you book your flight through our Flight Centre Agent, Laura Buchan by phoning 1 866 295 4417 and mentioning Classroom Canada.

I've personally had Laura book my flights for the past 3 years and can tell you that she's fantastic.  I know it's tempting just to find a cheap flight online, but Laura can usually get the same deals plus she knows about the baggage constraints for each airline.  When you're making the move abroad, it's really important that you know exactly how much luggage you can take, and which airline is best for going over your limit.  I've gone over a number of times, and always end up paying close to $100 for a simple mistake that I could have avoided by asking Laura before hand.

I have another tip for you.  Check with Laura to see if you can get any free stopovers on your way to London.  Loads of our teachers have had free stopovers in places like Paris, Iceland, might as well get a few days in a place you want to visit anyway. 

Personally, I fly from Vancouver to London so I like to stopover in Chicago to visit my good friends there and break up the journey a bit.  I tend to book a cheap flight while I'm in Europe to places like Vienna & Amsterdam, just because it seems crazy to just go all the way to London and not see anything else. 

Any other tips for finding affordable flights for when you teach overseas?  Please share your two cents below!

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