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Free Stuff for Teachers That Isn't Just a Big Scam

Today I am pleased to present a guest post by Katheryn Rivas.  Over to Katheryn...

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Free Stuff Online for Teachers

The internet has provided our global society with many things. Not only does it offer up hours of mindless entertainment and distraction, but it also provides endless resources that are both useful and educational. The online environment condones a global community that shares knowledge for the greater good. It is through this global community that teachers and educators around the world can find useful tools and activities to use in their classroom for free no matter where they are. However, oftentimes online sources claiming to provide free services or resources can be malicious or just plain useless. While there are many scams and hoaxes out there, these few sites offer extremely useful and easy to access tools for classrooms of all subjects and levels.

1. ABC Teach Tools provides numerous handouts, documents, and activities for teachers. The site is dedicated to providing an online resource for educators across the world and offers several different free pintables and generators that classroom teachers can use throughout the year. Aimed primarily at providing tools and resources for early childhood educators, this site offers crossword printouts, word searches, other word game printouts, desktags, mnemonic handouts, and much more. While there are several free printouts and activities that ABC Teach provides, the site is also dedicated to offering help to teachers on various education related subjects and offering unique ideas for classroom themes and units.

2. Gryphon House is one of the leading publishers of early childhood resource books. This is by far one of the most useful online resources for early childhood education teachers available. With access to various educational publications, Gryphon house outlines activities based on different educational books. The source offers free activities in art, classroom management, infant and toddler education, literacy, math, music and movement, and science. There are several different books relating to each category and numerous different activities that are described from each book. This online resource provides tons of unique and exciting activities in many different subjects. If you find you particularly like the activities from a specific publication, you can purchase that publication for your classroom.
3. A to Z Teacher Stuff provides several different printable pages and worksheets. With pages pertaining to maps, math, nameplates, patterned paper, sight words, and book units, there are several useful things to find here. One of the best features A to Z Teacher Stuff has to offer is the themed printouts and worksheets they offer. Find things to print out along all different themes, including "back to school", the zoo, seasons, dental health, colors, and much more. This portion of the site is currently being worked on, so their full library of useful printables is available at their old pages index at the bottom of the page.

4. Teachers Pay Teachers is a unique site that acts as an open marketplace for educators across the web. There are over 20,000 free downloads available on any subject, type, or grade level you can imagine. The idea behind the site is that teachers can buy, sell, and share their teaching resources to other teachers online. While many things on the site are for sale, there is a large collection of useful material available for free. Download books, PowerPoint presentations, activities, worksheets, toolkits, test preps, reading responses, posters, games, activities, and so much more directly from the site and with ratings from actual teachers who have used the material themselves.

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