Monday, February 13, 2012

How Teachers Can Get Free Gift Cards to Amazon, Starbucks & Paypal

Teachers in London save money by being smart about their purchases, using sites like Groupon for entertainment deals, and booking flights through discount airlines like RyanAir.  Now they have Swagbucks - an easy way to collect points for doing things you do online anyway (like searching & watching videos). 

In just 2 weeks, I've already accumulated enough to trade my points in for a $25 gift card to Amazon, without doing anything differently than I normally would.  To be fair, I spend an awful lot of time online - much more than a typical teacher would, but even if you don't spend that much time online you should be able to accumulate enough points for a gift card eventually.  You can also just trade in your points for a paypal payment, although your points go further with a gift card to Amazon or Starbucks.  And if you love things like trading cards (Really? Do people still collect baseball cards?), then take a look at the swagstore & you'll see plenty of things to strike your fancy.

I'm a big fan of getting stuff for free.  If you are too, then sign up here.  I'm planning on saving up enough points to give at least one gift card to a charity at Christmas.  By then I should have a few hundred dollars worth of Amazon cards, which will go a long way to buying books for schools.  Of course, I'll probably buy myself a few books too. 

By the way, Swagbucks works in the UK, the USA and Canada.

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