Thursday, January 12, 2012

What do Canadians Miss Most While Teaching Overseas?

I asked teachers on facebook what they miss the most about Canada while they're teaching abroad. They came back with plenty!

Here are the responses from our Canadian teachers in London, England:

Kristen: My family and friends, the snow, the sun (especially when snow and sun happen on the same day), ketchup & dill pickle chips, distinguishable seasons, the pronunciation of words like 'aluminium,' Tim Hortons steeped tea, readily available winter sports (skating, skiing, sledding) and summer swimming spots (lakes and rivers), hockey on television, bundling up from october through april, maple syrup, cbc news, knowing everyone in my neighbourhood....hahaha....not that I've made an exhaustive list or anything! Actually there are a lot of things I miss about Canada, but just as many that I love about London :)

Kaari: I agree with Kristen, I miss my family and friends and my puppy the most (and with that comes a long list of individual things, events, places, etc. that I miss), but close seconds: Tim Hortons everything, Dairy Queen Blizzards and ice cream cake, smart food popcorn and popcorn that isnt sweet or proper movie theatre buttery popcorn, campbell's soup (the stuff they have here is not the same), the easy availability of margarita mix, taco seasoning (the stuff here doesnt taste the same) and being able to watch hockey not in the middle of the night (as a canucks fan, being up at like 2 or 3am to watch the start of a game is BRUTAL, especially when they were in the playoffs...), I also miss actually just going to hockey games, i miss watching my tv shows (which i can watch here, I just have to wait a day or two...)....being able to drive (I'm wayyy to scared to do it here, and all the cars are manual...) and the kids I worked with back home (compared to some of the kids here, the worst ones were angels!!)....and again, I also agree with Kristen on the once heading back to Canada I am sure I will lots of things here too!

Tanya: Whitespot!

Kaari: ooooh, Whitespot....yes, thats a good one...

Dunja: East Side Mario's

Sara: Tim Hortons :( .... (And Family and Friends of course lol)

I also asked teachers and friends who have worked in other places around the world. They have worked in Sri Lanka, the UK, Sudan, the Middle East and the States. Here are their replies:

Angela: CBC radio, maple syrup, seasons...

Emily: Sunday family dinners

Kieran: The ever-loving embrace of free health care.

Carolina: Kind of depends where you go and what you have access to; multiculturalism is one that I've noticed in trips to quite culturally homogenous places

David: #1 is Hawkins Cheezies - simply cannot get them in the UK. #2 is Bob Cole Hockey Night in Canada play-by-play. #3 is a BC Ferries ride ... could probably keep going for a while ....

Shannon: Fresh air, stereotypical politeness, autumn, thunderstorms, good hair products :)

What do you miss most about Canada while teaching overseas? I'll follow this up with a post about what our teachers miss most when they return "home" to Canada.

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  1. I didn't post my answer on Facebook because there isn't much that I miss anymore. After 2.5 years in London, I've weaned myself off of pretty much everything Canadian. But this week I've been sick and I've definitely been missing Campbell's chicken noodle soup.


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