Saturday, December 17, 2011

Website Changes & The Blog

We're back!

We made a change with our website & blog, but decided to go back to the way things were before - with our website at & our blog hosted here on  It's simple, it works, and while we don't mind change - the new site just wasn't what we wanted it to be.

So, I'm making a commitment to you, dear readers.  Right here, right now, I'm committing to writing at least 3 blog posts a week on topics around education & teaching in London with a focus on Canadians who make the move abroad.  If you want me to cover any particular subjects, please let me know by leaving your comment below.  We'll also continue with our Coffee Time Series, in which we interview the teachers who have already made the move to London and ask for their honest advice & guidance for all of you that are considering the move.

Anything you think we should improve?  Please share your feedback below.  We've missed you here on blogger & it feels dang good to be back. Thanks for your patience!

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