Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riots in London: Where's the Positive In All This Madness?

Oh London, my London, our London.  I love you and I will always love you but these senseless riots have got to stop.  It's been three days now and the news is sad and only getting worse.  Every morning I wake up hoping to hear something has happened to turn the tide of violence throughout the city, and every morning I just read more terrible news.

My facebook feed is full of our teachers talking about the riots in London, that they're safe & sound but worried about their students.  They're updating the friends and family back home and showing pictures of the high streets and looting.  The neighbourhoods I taught in the most have been hit hard.  I know the students and their families well and I have no idea now how they're doing.  I can only hope my students aren't involved at all.

The amazing thing about London is its ability to cope in a crisis. I know it seems strange to say this, but I was living in North London during the 2007 bus and tube bombings, and living there is different than reading about it on the news or seeing it on television.  People get through. They really do "Keep calm and carry on" in London.  Minus the rioters of course!  But everyone else.

The video above was posted by one of our teachers and it really struck home for me.  That's the London I know and love.  Watch it.  See what I mean.  And just think - what would you do in their situation?  Stay at home, complain, moan...or get out your "bin bags" and gloves, tweet and facebook about the clean up and meet your neighbours on the streets to get out there and take the neighbourhood back?

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