Monday, August 8, 2011

Mobile Phones in the Classroom: To Ban or To Embrace?

It's not often that a blog post on issues in education will cause me to stop in my tracks and go "whoa there...hang on a minute! You're talking crazy talk now..."

I was just reading Mr D's blog, I Want to Teach Forever when I came across his post about embracing cell phones in the classroom.  I consider myself to be a fairly "new school" teacher, embracing technology in the classroom, teaching students with smart boards, and blogging as a teaching and learning tool.  But embracing cell phones in the classroom?  Really?

Won't students just text each other? Won't they just be on facebook and google+? You tube?  Wikipedia? Won't they cheat, text, msn? 

And why do I feel like I sound like an "old school" teacher, resistent to change, refusing to embrace new technologies (which frankly, cell phones aren't!), and most importantly - not trusting of the students themselves?

Where do you stand?  Do you use cell phones in your classroom? Would you?  Could you?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes.

    Schools spend millions of dollars on technology. We need them to some full sized computer access. However, let them bring a smartphone and use it productively in class. Absolutely.

    Second, schools should be like the real world. As a teacher, what happens when you get bored in a meeting? I check email and text. Yep, students should too. The teacher needs to make the learning relevant and connected for them. We shouldn't ask them to be completely different when in our classrooms.

  2. I was taken aback when I read that too. Completely with you, Victoria.


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