Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LiveBinder - organize your resources online!

It seems like I'm on a roll, here, with discovering interesting online education resources. Last week I shared an online newsletter from the NPCA's Global Education News.

Yesterday, I told you about a terrific place to meet online and interact with students and educators interested in environmental issues.

And today, I'm here to tell you about a fantastic website that gives you a place online to organize, present and share your resources quickly and simply:
LiveBinders (www.livebinders.com).

You can search the site for binders on just about any topic - tips on how to become a better speller, handouts for multiplication practice, art activities for kids, video lectures...

...and you can compile your own binder on a topic that interests you - such as, your favourite recipes, travel ideas, favourite websites...the options are endless!

The best part is, this site is a great way to share your resources with your students as well as other educators.

So how did I find out about this amazing resource? It was highlighted in "Artspiration," a blog highlighting the arts initiatives of the Santa Clara County's (of California) public schools.

Take a look at the site and leave a comment below telling us about your favourite binder!

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