Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update on the fabulous Teachers TV website

Just a quick update regarding Teachers TV - that great online resource full of free videos, lesson plans and teacherly advice. As we all know, Teachers TV ceased to exist on April 29, 2011.

The Department for Education (DfE), however, has made all Teachers TV programmes available to distributors on a non-exclusive basis. Any distributor who provides Teachers TV programmes will be required to stream them for free at the point of use.

Currently, there are five distributors/websites that stream the Teachers TV programmes and videos. Link to these sites are below:

1. Phoenix TTV Limited -

Teachers Media is the new professional development service for everyone working in UK education, brought to you by the team behind Teachers TV. This site contains a free library of over 3500 high-quality videos to help you and your team develop your professional skills, and support teaching and learning in your school and classroom.

Promethean Planet is the world's largest interactive whiteboard community and it will host all of Teachers TV videos in its resource library (date available yet to be determined).

3. Axis 12 Limited -

This site contains loads of teacher resources, including the 3,500 Teachers TV videos.

4. Teach Pro Limited -

SchoolsWorld offers everyone in education the chance to learn from the
best in the business – starting with the full 3,500 videos from Teachers TV.

5. TSL Education Ltd -

TES Connect also hosts the 3,500 Teachers TV videos in their resource library.

As other distributors of the Teachers TV videos become available, details will be included on the Department for Education website.

Happy viewing!

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