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Sometimes you just have to laugh! (part 3)

A good sense of humour is one quality that we look for in candidates interested in teaching in the inner city schools of London, UK.

For the past two weeks, we've been highlighting funny moments (part 1) and (part 2) in the lives of our Canadian teachers. Read below for more "only in London" moments!

The stories below were all pulled from our Coffee Time Teacher Interviews that are archived in this blog. Our teachers were responding to the question:

Describe the funniest thing that's happened to you in your year so far:

So far, the funniest thing happened the first or second day supply teaching. I was in a year 4 class for a bit (I was "floating"--covering various teachers as they went to do prep that day), and I told the students, facing them at the front of the room, that when I raised my hand and placed my hand over my mouth I wanted them to copy what I did to be quiet.

Without hesitation a boy got up and faced the class, doing what I did, very seriously (not) and quickly two more boys jumped up and did the same--I had to laugh because I did say to copy me...But had to put a stop to it before the whole class caught on. I learned my lesson. - MARIJKA

I was teaching a yr 6 class, and they were wanting to know things like my age, my first name, etc...And they found out that I sing (when I told them I did not want to yell at them because I didn't want to ruin my vocal chords, as "I am a singer"). So I told them that IF they were working well for a short period of time, that I would answer their questions, as well as sing them a song at the end of the day. So I did just that..and sang them an opera piece in Italian. While singing, one of the head teachers came in and listened as well. When I finished, the students and she applauded, and then came the judging (one of the boys wanted to be "Simon"). He informed me that yes, I would be moving onto the next round! lol....What an excellent way to end the day! :)

And, another story. I was teaching a yr 4 class, and one of the boys asked me if I was an angel. I responded with "Why, do I look like an angel?" Apparently I do. :)

One more. Trying to get the attention of a year 2 class, instead of saying the instructions, I opted to sing them instead. Using a very simple, repetitive melody, I sang some instructions, over and over, in a calm manner. It took a mere few seconds and they were all listening, mesmerized by my voice. THEN....they clapped! was hilarious! All I wanted was for them to stop talking and to listen to my instructions. I got that, AND an applause. :) - ALISON

The funniest thing happened on my very first day of teaching!

I walked into a year one class and while I was taking the register (attendance) the children were whispering to each other and looking up at me. Finally one of the boys raised his hand and with a very serious look on his face asked me if I was a Spice Girl.

For the rest of the day, I could hear the children arguing about which Spice Girl I was even though I insisted I was not a pop star. One of the boys stayed after school to ask me if I was sure, since he was quite sure he'd seen me on the television. - KELLY

I had a great a laugh from a year 6 student. During an art lesson, I had the chance to chat with students and we found ourselves on the topic of television and television shows. I shared with the students that I don't have a television in my home. One particular student responded to this, in complete seriousness, by saying; "Well Miss, where do you point your furniture?" - DEANNA

This was probably more funny to the students than it was to me, but I'll share anyway. I walked into a Year 6 class in order to pull one of my special needs students out of class for reading recovery work. I was leaning sort of half-in, half-out of the classroom door, and quietly beckoned the kid over so as to avoid disturbing the class. As I straightened up to leave the doorway, the belt loop on my trousers got caught in the doorjamb and ripped REALLY loudly off my pants. All the kids sitting near the door looked around wondering what that sound was, and started giggling when they saw me twisting myself all the way around to check the damage on my trousers. It was so bad that I had to go home at lunchtime to change! - NATHALIE

No doubt there are many, many more funny moments to report!

We'd love to hear from you, so leave your comments below!

And....if you are looking for ways to bring humourous moments (ok, there are challenging moments too...) into your teaching career, think about teaching in London, UK.

We're currently interviewing teachers (primary, secondary and special needs) who would like to work in London beginning October 2011. To apply, please submit your resume & cover letter to apply AT classroomcanada DOT com.

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