Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teaching in inner city schools - why do we do it?

In a March 15, 2011 blogpost on the Huffington Post website, Larry Strauss, veteran high school English teacher, basketball coach and novelist, made up his list of seven "Survive and Thrive" reasons why "Inner-City Teachers don't leave" their jobs.

I've take the liberty to re-post a brief version of his list below. (To see his full blogpost, visit:

Some of the reasons why inner-city teachers don't leave their jobs:

1. Not laid off in bad economic times.

2. Quitting is not an option.

3. Effective and supportive administration.

4. Enjoy the work; love the students.

5. Collegial camaraderie and support.

6. No serious mishaps [to threaten a teacher's safety].

7. A strong philosophical belief in the value of education.

I'm curious to know from all of you out there currently mastering the art of teaching in inner city London schools:

Why do you do it? What makes you stay?

Add to this list and leave your comments below!

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