Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sometimes you just have to laugh!

A good sense of humour is one quality that we look for in candidates interested in teaching in the inner city schools of London, UK. Why, you ask? Read below, for some of the funny moments in the lives of our Canadian teachers.

The answers were all pulled from our Coffee Time Teacher Interviews that are archived in this blog. Our teachers were responding to the question:

Describe the funniest thing that's happened to you in your year so far:

Almost every day I get asked if I know Justin Bieber. Usually I get a kick out of that. Also, young students ask the funniest questions about Canada. For example: “Have you ever been attacked by a bear?” “Are people in Canada big?” “Do they eat mice in Canada?” The list is endless. - TOM

I think the day-to-day sayings of the students are what make me chuckle the most. I frequently hear the questions: “Are you from Canadia?” “Can you speak Canadian?” “Canadia isn’t part of America?” When they ask where in Canada I’m from and I say “London” they really start to get confused. - PATRICK
I was standing at the bus stop last week and one of the 7 year old students in my class stopped and said “Hi Miss Terluk, what bus are you waiting for?”. I said “The 333”. She said “Does that go to the airport?” She thought I flew home to Canada every night! - KARIN

There's another Canadian teacher at my school who had broken his ankle during a staff basketball game. However, he decided to tell all of the students in the school that it happened when him and I were involved in the Annual Great Canadian Moose Racing Championships.

The story goes that he was in the lead and I cut him off, causing him to fall off and get trampled by my moose. On the bright side, I did allegedly win the race and become the Canadian Mooseracing Champion, but now the students won't leave me alone until I show them pictures and teach them how to ride one! - ERIC
After telling a year five class that I am from Canada, a girl with a puzzled look on her face says, "Sir, I'm confused. How can you be Canadian if you have an American accent and Australian hair?" - JONNY

I was teaching the children how to write an instructional text, so we were focusing on writing step-by-step instructions. I asked the children to write instructions for “how to make a peanut butter sandwich”, something every Canadian child would know how to do. When I asked the children what the first step would be, they gave me answers like “crush the peanuts” and “mix the peanuts in with butter”. I realised that the majority of my students had never even tasted peanut butter before, let alone made a sandwich with it. My TA’s still tease me about loving peanut butter so much. - KIRBIE
The funniest event happened on my first day of teaching in a wonderful Reception class (Kindergarten). At the end of the day, the students wanted to know all about me and Canada. As I was trying to answer all their many questions, the Teaching Assistant asked something along the lines of "do you know what an igloo is?" and my response was "...umm... yes..." The next thing I know, on the projector there is an image from Google of an igloo, followed by the Teaching Assistant informing the kids of how terrible it must be for me to live in one of these all year long.... Yes, we live in igloos, wear coats made of moose fur, and we eat raw fish.... Good old Canadians! - NATHALIE

During my first week of teaching, the students asked me where to put their homework folders. I pointed to the large plastic container that you'd typically find at a dollar store back in Canada and said, "Put them in the bin." To that, the children replied, "What?! You want us to put our homework in the bin [trash can]?!" I quickly learned not to make that mistake again. – TRISHA
I think that something like this has been mentioned before, underwear here is called pants. On one of my supply days in early September I was in a year 5 class while trying to rush them to get ready for PE when I shouted "Come on year five! You're wasting your PE time. You, hurry, take off your pants and get those shorts on!" Well, telling a year 5 boy to take off his pants had 30 kids screeching and giggling and some even told me that I was gross.
Needless to say, we were late for PE but only because I made the class sit down so I could explain some of the things that we had different words for in Canada (ie pants and trousers). The last thing I wanted on one of my first days of teaching was some kid's Mom calling in to say that his teacher had shouted at him to strip down! - JAIME
Myself, along with my two flat mates decided to go site seeing our first week here. Very typical, obviously. So we decided we were going to Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace for the day. Hyde Park - Beautiful. We finally arrived at the Palace and we did not even realize where we were. We thought the Palace was the Parliament Buildings!? So we asked someone where the Palace was, only to get a smart answer 'ummm right behind you?' Embarrassing, yet hilarious Canadian Moment. - JENN

No doubt there are many, many more funny moments to report!
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And....if you are looking for ways to bring humourous moments (ok, there are challenging moments too...) into your teaching career, think about teaching in London, UK.

We're currently interviewing teachers (primary, secondary and special needs) who would like to work in London beginning October 2011. To apply, please submit your resume & cover letter to apply AT classroomcanada DOT com.

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