Monday, April 4, 2011

Royal Wedding Canada? I live in Victoria, British Columbia, and in many ways it is the closest I can get to London, UK without leaving Canada. We love our high tea, our weather is similar (rain, bits of sun, rain, clouds, gray, more rain, another taste of sun, rain, get the idea), and we (granted, not all of us) adore the royal family!

So it is no surprise that preparations are well underway for royal celebrations on that royal wedding day, April 29.

According to an article in today's LA Times, we Victorians no longer have to fret about not being able to travel to London in order to celebrate the royal wedding. The famous Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria's landmark hotel along the inner harbour, has a wide range of events planned on and around April 29.

For example, there is the "Rise & Shine With the Royals" breakfast event beginning at 3 a.m. (Pacific). Hotel guests and other visitors to Victoria are welcome to view the live broadcast of the ceremonies in their pajamas or bathrobes while munching on a traditional English breakfast.

If you aren't an early riser, there is a special Royal Subjects Picnic & Tea on the Empress' front lawn. Guests will receive British flags for the occasion.

And if you are really feeling royal, you can also dine on the hotel's exclusive fine china (that is generally reserved for royal visits) on evenings throughout the weekend.

I fondly remember watching the wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles on our little tv back in 1981. The image of Diana's wedding dress train is still imprinted in my mind (how did it fit into that carriage???). As an 11-year-old the whole event was simply dreamy to watch.

I'm not sure I'll be attending any of the above events in Victoria, but, I will still be curious to see what classy dress Kate has chosen for herself.

I am also very curious to know:

What are YOU doing to celebrate the royal wedding?
Are your students in school talking about it at all?

Leave your comments below!

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