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What makes Classroom Canada unique? Our professional development opportunities!

At Classroom Canada we understand that our teachers are passionate about lifelong learning and we like to support them in this area with our professional development opportunities. Not only do we plan annual professional development opportunities for our Canadian teachers, but we also do our best to keep you abreast of other pro-d opportunities for educators that may exist in and around London.

The pro-d workshops that Classroom Canada coordinates generally take place the first week of November after our new fall group of teachers has had a chance to arrive and settle in. In addition to the serious pro-d workshops, we also organize social events during the week too – everyone knows you gotta keep learning fun!

Here’s a sampling of the pro-d workshops and socials we ran last year:

Classroom Canada's 2nd Annual 5km Run With Richard
Get your running shoes (and possibly raincoats depending on the weather!) and meet us at the London office to Run With Richard.

Richard Gilbey, one of the founders of Classroom Ltd, will be taking us on a 5km tour of his favourite jogging route near our London office (Oxford Circus). He's an avid runner, and often jokes that he wants to take the Canadians on a little tour of the neighbourhood. Slow or fast, all are welcome!

Primary & SEN Round Table Workshops
* See description below.

Secondary & SEN Round Table Workshops
This year, our workshops are being led by Canadian teachers who have been teaching in London with us for a year or more. They're fabulous teachers, and just like you. They know what you need to know, and have the experiences to share with you.

The workshops will be focused on issues like behaviour management (tips, strategies that work in London, successes & failures), and adjusting from Canadian teaching to British teaching.

Classroom Canada's 3rd Annual London Scavenger Hunt & Teacher Social
Take over the streets of London England with other Canadian teachers & win fabulous prizes (like Canadian food, Top Deck Travel Vouchers, Flight Centre Vouchers, PC Organic White Cheddar KD...), meet other great teachers & have fun!

Our Guide to Teaching in London also has great advice, tips and a list of resources to consult for those of you wishing to enhance your teaching skills (the awesome site for educators that I mentioned yesterday is one such resource).

One other topic I’d like to mention in this area – and a question we frequently get – is “what is the difference between the UK curriculum and the Canadian curriculum?”

When you are accepted into our program, you will receive a free copy of our Guide to Teaching in London which contains detailed information about the UK curriculum, but in general you will find that the Canadian curriculum:
· is more individualized;
· has objectives and you come to the objectives through your own research, lesson planning and creativity; and
· requires you write 3-4 report cards per year.
By contrast, the UK curriculum:
· is more prescriptive;
· is interactive;
· is visual, auditory, kinesthetic;
· requires less time to be creative on the front end, but requires that you plan and adapt the prescribed lessons according to your specific class and IEPs; and
· requires you write usually only one report card a year and typically at the end of the year.

The biggest difference between teaching in Canada vs. London is that your skills will develop more in behaviour management. We hear this over and over again from our teachers. In Canada, as a teacher it’s more about planning. And so we keep this in mind as we develop and create professional development opportunities for our teachers.

Please comment below if you have any ideas or special request for pro-d topics for this November 2011.

We are currently interviews teachers who would like to work in London starting in April/May or September/October 2011. To apply, please submit your resume & cover letter to apply AT classroomcanada DOT com.

Resources for Teaching in London

Classroom Canada website
Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians ebook
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Canadians & Americans in the UK blog

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