Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"This is better than recess!"

One thing I love about my job as a recruiter for Classroom Canada is that I get to talk with inspired - and inspiring - teachers every day.

Just last week I was speaking with an applicant and she was describing a math lesson she did recently with her grade 2/3s. She explained the wonderful, creative activities in which her students were involved. As she walked around the groups, she kept hearing comments like "This is fun!"

Then she heard one group exclaim:

"This is better than recess!"

We both agreed that was probably, thee ultimate compliment.
So..I'm curious to hear from all of you teachers out there what your "This-is-better-than-recess" moments have been or, if you have received other clever compliments from your students recently.

Leave your comments / stories below!

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1 comment:

  1. That is an amazing compliment! Very cool. I'm trying to think of what I've overheard in my classrooms, and just can't come up with anything as cool as "This is better than recess!" (or as they would say in England, "This is better than break!")

    I did a lesson on geography using drama (the students had to represent a province in Canada through their bodies - it was weird, yet strangely effective!) and they asked if they could do geography every day. For me, that was a big compliment (I failed geography in grade 3, then went on to get a degree in it in university). Still, not as good as the recess one! Great post Anissa.


Thanks for sharing your two pence!


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