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Most Popular Teachers TV Videos of All Time & Some Sad News

We just received the email below from our friends at Teachers.TV in the UK.  For regular readers of this blog, this is very sad news indeed.  The cancellation of Teachers.TV means that we're all missing out on more amazing resources about teaching in the UK.  The silver lining is that their website will continue to have the 4000+ videos that they've already uploaded.  Just no new videos from here on out I gather. 

Canadian and American teachers heading to teach in London should definitely use their website to explore all the issues around teaching in the UK - from behaviour management to curriculum to school issues like bullying - this website really does have it all.  I wish there was something we could do to help the good folks at Teachers.TV. 

Please read on...
This is a message from Teachers TV
Hi Classroom,

Many of you will be aware that the Teachers TV contract has been  terminated by the Department for Education - here's the official statement if you haven't already seen it.

We are continuing to work with the Department to ensure that you will continue to have access to Teachers TV programmes so please keep checking our email updates to get the latest news on what's going to happen.

In the meantime, below we've selected some of the most popular Teachers TV videos of all time for you.
Most Popular Classroom Resources
KS3/4 Antarctica - A Future in the Balance

Designed to stimulate debate in KS3/4 citizenship lessons, this programme explores the key political and environmental issues that continue to surround Antarctica.

KS3/4 Science - Periodic Table: Ferocious Elements

In this programme, we use the periodic table to explore some of these elements and discover why some are more reactive than others.

Learning From The News

Short, topical classroom resources designed for use with pupils, based on the latest news, the videos are accompanied by curriculum-based KS3-4 lesson plans.

Most Popular Lesson Ideas

Secondary ICT - Web Literacy

This programme reveals the critical importance for teachers to provide guidance to their pupils when using the internet for research.

How Many Peas fit in the Classroom

This fun and active maths lesson for KS3 students involves measuring, estimating and calculating.

Grammar in Secondary English

Teacher Liana Swanton takes the fear out of grammar by breaking it down in a simple way that's fun for pupils.

Most Valued Top Tips

Teaching with Bayley (series)

In this series, educational behaviour expert John Bayley covers praise, positive language, developing your persona... The aim is to "teach your socks off".

Behaviour Challenge

Your task is to manage the behaviour of a difficult class. For each disruptive student choose which strategy you think will work best.

Body Language Techniques

Get expert advice from teacher trainer Chris Caswell, on how body language or non-verbal communication can improve your teaching.

Most Popular Teaching Learning Videos


Maths teacher Jonny Heeley inspires a group of Year 10 students from several London schools with an active lesson about algebra.

Phil Beadle's Masterclass (series)

Phil Beadle works with groups of Year 10 students in poetry master classes, using interactive and memorable methods to help the students really understand the power of verse.

From Good to Outstanding - Rebecca Wills

Can MFL teacher Rebecca Wills become outstanding with the help of pedagogical and professional development experts?

I've recommended the Phil Beadle, Teaching with Bayley and Rebecca Wills' videos in the past in this very blog, and also in my ebook, Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians.  I'll be checking out the others in the above list and hope to comment on them in the future.  Any other recommendations?

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Resources for Teaching in London

Classroom Canada website
Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians ebook
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  1. Hi Victoria, just letting you and your readers know that the team behind Teachers TV have started Teachers Media, a new professional development service for people working in UK education.

    The videos you link to in this post are available on the Teachers Media site (for folks in the UK), using the same URL structure. You just have to swap the domain name.

    For example:



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