Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What makes Classroom Canada unique? Our housing options!

Moving overseas can be an incredibly stressful time and we here at Classroom Canada hope that we can help facilitate that process. When you are accepted into our program, we send you a detailed acceptance package that includes our award-winning ebook “Guide to Teaching in London” as well as other practical advice and tips on setting up your life in London, UK.

This week and next we are highlighting the many unique aspects of Classroom Canada and today the focus is on our housing options for our teachers.

Our housing complex is located right downtown in the Oxford Circus area so our teachers and TA’s have an instant community and group of friends from Canada as well as from all around the world.

The housing is basically a dormitory for adults. The accommodations are subsidized (currently approximately 500 pounds per month) and the rooms are reserved specifically for key workers such as teachers, nurses and police officers. You get a single room with a single bed, wardrobe, sink and desk. You will share a bathroom and kitchen with other like-minded individuals. In general, the complex is pretty quiet as many of the residents work shift work and therefore, sleep during the day.

The best part about the place is the LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! OK, and having a network of friends upon arrival isn’t so bad either!

Of course, there are occasions when rooms are not available to move into at the time you are arriving in London, or couples may be seeking rooms together.

What does one do in that case? Our resourceful teachers have done the following:

1) post a request on the Classroom Canada Facebook page asking if anyone already in London is seeking a roommate or knows of a room available to let.

2) arrive in London with plans to stay at an inexpensive hostel or hotel for a week or two while you pound the pavement searching for the perfect place to live.

3) check out the services of London Relocation Services. This is an agency in London that will help you view rooms to rent the day you arrive in London. Let them know you are with Classroom Canada and they will arrange for you to see 15 apartments within 24 hours of your arrival and they will guarantee they will find a suitable place for you to live. There is a charge for this service however.

As always, if you have any specific questions about who we are or what we do – or if you are ready to apply – please contact us at: apply [AT] classroomcanada [DOT] com.

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