Friday, December 3, 2010

London's in a Deep Freeze & When to Call 999 for an Emergency

No doubt you've already heard the big news out of the UK this week - it's cold across the pond!

They have snow, which means the city of London virtually shuts down, schools close, cars crash and people slip on the ice.  As Canadians and Northern Americans, we think it's kinda funny - most of us are used to a winter with snow, and can't imagine why England is never really prepared for it. 

But now that I live on the West Coast of Canada, I can see why.  On Vancouver Island we had 4 days of snow last week and I hid in my office away from the poor drivers.  You see, I live in Victoria, the land of the "newly wed and nearly dead" so...the drivers aren't the best if you know what I mean.  It's best to hide away and wait for it all to melt.

But get this - the BBC reported today that a woman called 999 (which is 911 for England) to report the theft of her snowman.  No joke.  This really happened.  

My favourite quote from the article:

"It ain't a nice road but you don't expect someone to nick your snowman."
and this one:
The force said the woman, from Chatham, thought the incident required their involvement because she used pound coins for eyes and teaspoons for arms.
What has England come to?

What would you say to this woman?

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  1. Omigosh what a funny post! I love the woman's statement, you can just hear that accent. I'd say to her, "Maybe it melted?"


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