Monday, November 8, 2010

Traveling Around the World and a Love Affair with Airports Free WiFi

I'm en route from London, England back to my home of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  This morning, I flew with Air France from London to Paris and I've just arrived in Seattle, in the last leg of my journey home.  Thought I'd write a quick blog post to tell you how much I love free WiFi at airports.  Thanks SeaTac and Vancouver Airports! You rock.

You see, I travel across Canada and the USA doing interviews and presentations with teachers who want jobs in London, England.  I also visit our teachers in London at least once a year.  So I spend an awful lot of time at airports.  And when I can, I hop online to check my email, catch up on teachers' blogs, chat on facebook & twitter and get re-connected with the world.  It's glorious when it's free.  

They're calling my name to board the flight to Victoria. Before I go, do you have any airports you love?  Please leave your comments below!

PS) Laura Buchan is my Flight Centre Agent and she always manages to get me great cheap flights.  She also offers at least $25 off for any of our teachers with Classroom Canada. Call her and say "Classroom Canada" - 1 866 552 4050

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  1. the rejykavik airport (iceland) is AMAZING

  2. My vote is for the airport in Singapore - great food, beautiful gardens and yes, free WiFi!


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