Monday, November 1, 2010

Ramblings of Gratitude on the London Underground

I arrived in London yesterday and had the pleasure of taking the overland train and the tube into Oxford Circus this morning, to our London office.  While sitting on the train, I started to feel nostalgic for my life in London.  I've been recruiting Canadian teachers to London with Classroom Canada for 3 years, and this past year I've also started to recruit American teachers with Classroom America.  I live in Victoria, British Columbia most of the time and travel across Canada and America to conduct interviews and do presentations about teaching in London and the jobs we have.

So I visit London once or twice a year, see all our teachers, conduct PD workshops, organize & participate in social events and catch up with my London colleagues.  It's a manic week to say the least, but also my favourite week of the year.

On my journey into London this morning, I made a list in my head of all the things I love about my journey to the office:
  • I love how easy it is to navigate London.  Thank you tube & overland maps!
  • I love catching a stranger's eye on the elevators and giving them an unexpected smile.
  • I love the HSBC ads at the airport. I always feel like I'm coming "home" when I see their ads.  Strange, I know.
  • I love listening to my ipod on the tube.  This morning's playlist was Hollerado, from Manotick, Ontario close to my home town of Ottawa.
  • I love getting off at Oxford Circus and being swept amongst the crowds.
  • I love stopping in at Pret to pick up a latte ("not too hot please" - they always burn the milk unless I tell them not to) and a breakfast sandwich.  My colleagues are sick of Pret because our London office is right above one, but since I'm only here for a week I can't get sick of their food yet. Their love bars are delicious!
  • I love reading this week's Time Out Magazine, even though I won't have much time to actually see any other events besides our Classroom Canada ones, I still like to know how much there is to do in London.
  • I love coming into the London office and seeing all my amazing colleagues.  Seriously, I have the best colleagues in the whole world.  How did I get so lucky?
  • I love meeting the new London staff!  They don't feel new themselves, but for me, since I was here a year ago they're new to me.
  • I love seeing our teachers in London.   Absolutely love it.
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  1. I completely agree about the HSBC ads in the airport - they are memorable and I think you do bond with them at some point during the first few times to London! I've seen ads like it outside of the airport but it's not as exciting - I think its just right at the level of profound for the extremely jet-lagged mind. I always look forward to the new ones every time I have a return flight!


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