Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photos from our Run with Richard and Primary/SEN PD Workshop

Gearing up for the Classroom Canada 5km jogging tour of Central London

On Monday night, we did our 2nd annual "Run with Richard," a 5km jogging tour of Central London starting at our London office near Oxford Circus.  Some of the teachers preferred to just sit & drink a bit of wine with me while I held the bags and ipods for the runners and I was pleased to have their company.  It's always so great for me to get to know the Canadian & American teachers and teaching assistants a bit better in London.  I have the best job in the whole world thanks to them.

Then, on Tuesday night we did our Professional Development Workshop for Primary and Special Educational Needs teachers.  Jennifer Hocking, a fellow Queen's graduate, lead the SEN portion and I lead the primary portion.  We focused on a "round table" approach in the workshop, encouraging teachers to share their experiences and expertise.  I loved it and hope the teachers did too!

I know the photos don't really do the workshop justice, but I wanted to show you how we set up the round tables and discussion groups. 

I had the pleasure of visiting our accommodations today with Richard from Classroom London.  Jim, our contact, is so lovely & such a great support for our Canadian and American teachers.  They've really made a lot of improvements on the buildings, which are located right near Tottenham Court Road, in the very centre of London.  I'm always so impressed!

Tonight we have our Secondary and SEN workshop with another successful teacher, Kelly Gauthier.  Kelly will be leading both sections of the workshop & sharing her experiences in both areas over the past 2 years of teaching in London with us.  I first met Kelly at a presentation I gave at Queen's, where she wanted more information about completing her "alternative practicum" in London.  A few months later Kelly arrived in London with us (after initially registering with another agency that she wasn't too impressed with) and has been with us ever since.  I'm really looking forward to her workshops.

Tomorrow night we have the 3rd annual London Scavenger Hunt, a ridiculously silly & fun event that I look forward to every time I come back to London.  See the prizes for the hunt here .

And then, I fly back home to Vancouver Island on Monday morning.  Crazy.  What a whirlwind trip!

Next week, I'm planning my PD workshops for the student-teachers at the University of Victoria.  Can't wait.

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  1. Hey - I know that guy in the 2nd photograph! Random!

  2. Ha! That's Justin - did you go to uni together?

    How's the north treating you these days? We miss you in London!

  3. I guess technically we went to uni together (it's easy to do in Thunder Bay!)
    Actually, we went to church camp and youth group together as kids/teenagers and I think he was friends with my cousin in high school. That's cool that he's gone over to teach!

    The north is okay. Taking a French course and working at a book shop, but will have to start thinking soon about what I want to do and where I want to be. I miss London like crazy!

  4. Very cool Erika!

    You know you will be rec'd with open arms anytime you want to return to teaching in London. :-)

    See you at Nipissing in the cold, cold month of January. Brrrr....

  5. I think you mean Lakehead :P But yes, it will probably be cold!


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