Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On the Road Again! Classroom Canada at SFU December 1, 2010

Anissa & I are packing up my car & getting ready to hit the road again - this time, we're off to Vancouver for the Simon Fraser University Teacher Career Fair tomorrow afternoon.  We'll be meeting new teachers and discussing teaching jobs in London, England, with a focus on primary, secondary & special educational needs teaching jobs. 

Often times, these new teachers don't quite know where they want to teach and visit our table to simply discuss their options.  And every once in a while, a reader of this very blog will visit us, and apply to teach in London with us.  I love when that happens!  Check out Joann's coffee time - I met her at UBC a couple of years now and she's already been to teach in London and back again. 

If you're an SFU student teacher, please be sure to pop by and visit us.  I might even be bringing some home made cookies to share, bt I have a feeling Anissa & I will have some for breakfast as we'll be on the ferry at 7am (eeeeh-gah!).  We'll have apples and sweets anyway. 

To see if we're visiting your town in the new year, please see our list of University Fairs and please do let us know if you want us to come to your town. 

Resources for Teaching in London

Classroom Canada website
Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians ebook
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