Friday, October 15, 2010

Wear Purple on October 20th & Some News

Wow.  What a day!

First off, welcome to all the new readers to this blog that have found us through the "Wear Purple on Oct. 20th" campaign.  It was started on facebook by a high school student who wanted to do something to help other teens to know that it gets better.  Samantha saw that 6 students commited suicide in the last few months as a result of bullying (because they came out as gay, or were perceived as gay by their "peers") and so she put up an event on facebook for her friends to wear purple on Oct 20th.  Purple represents "Spirit" in the pride flag, so it seemed fitting that supporters would wear purple. 

Well, almost 100 000 have RSVP'ed since that first day when Samantha thought just a few kids at her school would sign up.  Such is the power of one.

If you tweet, please copy & paste the words below and tweet them often:
#Oct20WearPurple - please RT often! Help teens know that #ItGetsBetter

Last week, I saw the event, RSVP'ed and put up a quick blog post about it.  I had no idea I'd see my blog stats jump 1000% as a result.  Wowsers!  There are a whole lotta people swinging by this little blog & it sure is exciting.
As teachers, I think wearing purple on October 20th is the very least we can do in our schools.  It's simple & effective. I'm proud of the teachers that have signed up & will be wearing purple to help their students see that if they need someone to talk to, we're here.  Send in your pictures if you want me to post them here. I'll probably put something up next week after the event.
So, check out the facebook page and RSVP and be sure to retweet the above.
Also, for NEWS - I have some exciting news to share with you all here.  I just received this email from Writer's Digest:
One of my most enjoyable tasks as editor of Writer’s Digest is passing along good news to writers.

This is one of those fun occasions. It is my pleasure to tell you that your book, Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians in the Reference Books category, has been chosen to receive an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest 18th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards. Your book will be promoted in the March/April 2011 issue of Writer’s Digest. In addition, you will receive a Notable Award Certificate and $50 worth of Writer’s Digest Books. Your award package will be sent out towards the end of the year.
Score! Thanks Writers Digest. You made my day! 

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