Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Videos Recommended by a Canadian teacher on her way to London, England

I love it when our teachers send me emails with interesting videos or blogs for others teachers to check out. So when "M" sent me the email below I asked her if I could share it with you all here.  She agreed.  Thanks M!

Hi Victoria,

Hope things are well. I am doing good, slowly preparing. I got my visa and will submit all the documents for the bank account this week. I also have to tell my current boss about my decision very soon.

I found these videos, I am not sure if you ever saw them. But I wanted to share them with you. You can put them on your blog! I think teachers would be interested to hear these.

The first video is a presentation by Dan Meyer (a math teacher) - "Math class needs a makeover"


The second is a presentation by Ken Robinson on how in his opinion schools kill creativity.


P.S.Congratulations on the honorable mention (from Writer's Digest) for your book! It's awesome, easy to read and to the point, I found a lot of answers to my questions in it. Thanks for writing it!

Best wishes and I will be in touch soon again,
I've taken out her name as she hasn't told her boss that she's leaving to teach in London, England so I figured she didn't want them to find out here.

I have seen the second video before and enjoyed it, but I'm about to watch the first video now.  Thanks for sharing!

Keep those emails & comments coming folks.  They are why we do what we do.

Resources for Teaching in London

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