Thursday, October 7, 2010

Teachers are Reflective: What's Gone Well Today? What Made You Smile?

Following on from my conversations with Christopher of Conversation Works, I asked our teachers on facebook the question, "What's Gone Well Today?"  The idea behind asking this simple question is to help people to notice all the amazing things that happen in a day instead of focusing on the few negatives.  Christopher has also started the "What's Gone Well Today at School?" page for teachers to comment and share.  Please do go check it out & share your thoughts.

Here are some of the answers that our teachers gave to my facebook question yesterday:

Krystal: I was teaching grade 12 French today here in Winnipeg for a class I sub for pretty regularly and one of the boys said "Crikey Ms. K!! You're jumping the pond?? You know they don't speak French there right??" I just laughed..."uh Brad, you know I speak English too, right??"
Ilona: teaching Nursery today and having little little ones mesmerized by singing Wheels on the Bus and doing actions-they're really little here, younger than JK back home. So cute.
Bryn: I work in Nursery too, Ilona. They're lovely, aren't they?? I work 1:1 (well actually 2:1) with a child with severe Autism in the afternoons, and he fell asleep as soon as we went into the sensory room (right when he arrived), and kept on sleeping...ALL afternoon. So adorable. 
Lots of things went well today. I have really good people around me.
Taylor: So many things today it was glorious!! - children talking in my accent - a child with tactile defensivness and anxiety climb up then slide down - another held on tight while riding on the back platform of the bike I was on ! A very anxiouis child go on the spinner on his own!! And then..saw a beautiful sunset while leaving school...
Erika: I went to a fitness class at the gym for the first time and I didn't throw up. Hurray.
Rebecca: Having the incredible honour and priviledge to coach a very dedicated and talented group of grade 6/7 girls volleyball. God I love my job.
What about you?  What's Gone Well Today for you, dear reader?  Please share below.

Christopher was also very generous and gave us 4 packs of his new shift-your-thinking cards to some of our winners of the upcoming London Scavenger Hunt.  The Scavenger Hunt is an annual event where our new teachers wander the streets of London looking for the answers to questions we pose, all along the journey of making new friends with other Canadian & American teachers in London. It's silly, it's fun and I love it.  We give out lots of prizes from organizations & businesses that fit in with what we do and so I'm pleased to give the What's Gone Well Today Cards to 4 lucky winners this year.

So you've read this far.  Now what?  Well, answer the question silly! What's Gone Well for YOU Today?

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