Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homophobia & What Teachers Can Do About It

*My apologies that the video cuts off most of Ellen here! Click on it & you will go to the real clip on youtube. It's a blogger issue...
Ellen's message is being spread around facebook amongst our teachers today.  It makes me proud & grateful to know that others feel the same way as I do - that more of us need to take active, vocal positions to help teenagers & youth deal with homophobia and bullying.

Just last night one my facebook friends, who is a teenage boy and a distant family member, wrote the status update "I'm a &&^%$ing faggit"  after last week writing, "I am gay."  From the comments he received, I gather someone went into his facebook account to change his status as a joke.  It seems they think it's funny.  He's a popular kid, and told his friend off on the status, but it's obviously a banter they have going back & forth.  As if being gay was a bad thing. 

This really disturbs me.

Facebook is just one of the many places online where teenagers go to joke, poke fun, and put each other down. I wholeheartedly agree with the clip by Wanda Sykes below.

I'm in an awkward position.  Do I say something?  I don't know this kid very well, but I do really like him. He's 15.  Remember being 15? 

What would you do?  If you're a teacher, or a friend, or a family member (or all of these things as I am) - what would you do?

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