Friday, October 1, 2010

Food Canadians Miss Most While Teaching in London, England

Yesterday, I was contacted by a journalist with about poutine and a blog post I had written on my 2nd blog for Canadians & Americans in the UK.  It was the funniest thing.  The journalist, Grace Wong, is doing a piece on why Canadians abroad miss poutine so much, and what makes it so "Canadian."

As a transplanted Ottawan, I know my poutine well.  And while teaching in London for three years, I got to know where I could find my poutine fix, which was usually at the Maple Leaf Pub in Covent Garden, the only Canadian pub in England.  They don't serve proper poutine though - they use shredded cheddar cheese, not cheese curds.  Trying to explain the difference to an American reporter who lives in London was ridiculously funny.  She called it an "intriguing dish" and I giggled.  I mean, we are talking about poutine here.

(For our non-Canadian readers who still don't know what I'm talking about, here's a good blog post about the Toronto Poutine Scene.)

All of this brought me to wonder,

What food do Canadians miss most while teaching in London, England?

For me it was poutine and PC White Cheddar Organic Mac & Cheese.  I hardly ever eat this kind of "food" by the way, but for some reason, while living abroad I missed those two dishes the most.

What about you?  What Canadian food do you miss while abroad?  Or, if you're not abroad, what do you think you would miss most?

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  1. I really really miss ice caps from Tim Hortons....i know it's not food, but it was a part of my daily diet...

    I also miss the quality of food back home....a lot of things taste a bit off here....but generally, i can get whatever food i need from home at the canada shop if i am in desperate need of it....

  2. Really, Kaari? I find the food here to be MUCH better quality than in Canada.

    That being said, I miss Kraft peanut butter (I had some imported) and apple sauce. I can't find apple sauce anywhere.

  3. I agree- things like salad dressing are just not the same!


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