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Classroom Canada's London Scavenger Hunt - November 4th 2010

Classroom Canada teachers from the 2008 Scavenger Hunt
Every year, we here at Classroom Canada, organize a social event for our Canadian & American teachers in London, England that's a bit different than the norm.  We start at the Maple Leaf Pub, the only Canadian pub in London, and have a quick drink before sending the teams out to look for the answers to clues in our Scavenger Hunt.  It's ridiculously fun and silly and a great way for our teachers from abroad to make new friends in London.  Last year, three of our teachers actually got full-time teaching jobs simply by chatting with one of our London consultants about their experiences.  Sometimes, a social environment is all a teacher needs to score their first teaching job in London.  But it's also just an all 'round good time.

I'm pleased to announce our sponsors & prizes for the 2010 Classroom Canada Scavenger Hunt.  Without them, we'd have really pathetic prizes to give out.

Prize #1: 250 GBP vouchers from TopDeck Travel  

Once again, the good folks at Topdeck are providing the most sought after prize, vouchers for their amazing tours in Europe and Africa.  They also give a 10% discount to our teachers in Classroom Canada and Classroom America.  Thanks Topdeck!  Be sure to follow them on twitter  and facebook to get deals and competitions.

Prize # 2: $75 off your next flight booked with Laura Buchan of Flight Centre Westshore

Our favourite travel agent is at it again!  One lucky prize winner will receive $75 off their next flight booked with Laura from Flight Centre in the Westshore. Thanks Laura! Not only do you manage to always find me the most amazing deals and free stopovers, but you continue to impress with our teachers flights as well.

Some of the 2009 Scavenger Hunt Winners

Prize #3: Teacher Tools from Conversation Works: Whats Gone Well Today Cards
"The What’s Gone Well Today ™ cards are designed to help people quickly connect and engage in deeper conversation. As there is often a disconnect between people in our communities, and organizations, there is distinct advantage to have people who can quickly connect with others. Folks in many organizations have difficulty in asking the right questions, the questions that develop and strengthen relationships so crucial to business, social enterprise and effective human resource management. WGWT offers powerful tools to help people connect and engage at multiple levels, for multiple purposes."

I've used these cards myself and think they're an excellent tool for new teachers in London.  They aren't just for teachers, but we can use them in our classrooms and at home.  Four decks of these cards (valued at $29.95 each) will be given out as prizes.

Prize #4: Lloyd's TSB Offshore Pens and Cross Pens
Our friends in the Vancouver office of Lloyd's TSB have once again given us 2 Cross Pens and various Lloyds pens as prizes.  The Cross Pens are very fancy writing tools, and as my new friend in Austin just said, "They're the kind of pens that you don't let anyone else use.  This is my pen.  I have a spare for you to use, that isn't mine."   What teacher doesn't need their very own Cross Pen?  Thanks Michael & Tony.  As always, you rock.
Bryn showing us how to be Canadian, eh?
Prize #5: Random Canadiana from Classroom Canada
I love collecting random Canadiana for our teachers in London.  This year, I'm bringing a beach towel that says "EH?" (love it), baseball caps, paper plates, napkins, some postcards from Texas (that's the random Americana for y'all since I'm in Austin Texas as I type this) and whatever else I find in my suitcase that I threw in there when I was packing.
Mike at the 2010 Scavenger Hunt
Prize #6: British Randomness
My colleague, Matt, and I went out last year at the very last minute and bought some weird British prizes and had a ridiculous time shopping for the hunt.  So, I imagine we will do it again this year.  Head on over to the photos from last year's hunt to see some of the prizes in action.
Grant showing off his prize, while still wet from the rainy 2010 Scavenger Hunt
Prize #7: Whatever Else I can Find
We're still looking for more prizes from companies that fit our theme - Canadians and Americans teaching in London.  So if you're reading this and know of a cool company that might want some online exposure, please send them my way!

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