Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Gone Well Today? How Asking the Right Questions Can Bring About Great Discussions

When I was teaching in London, my flatmates and I decided to shift our conversations from venting about all the things going wrong in our classrooms to what went well each day.  We had to say 2 positives for every negative.  At first it was really challenging, but eventually I started to see more amazing things happening around me than miserable. 

Last week I posted my video discussions with Christopher of Conversation Works. Talking with Christopher got me thinking about the idea of asking the right questions to generate great discussions.  Christopher is also an educator and positive-thinker and creator of   I asked him to explain a little bit more about the idea of asking "What's Gone Well Today?" 
Have you ever noticed that asking the right questions is more important than having the right answers? In fact, quality of your day, your life is shaped by the quality of questions we ask ourselves and others. New challenges demand new questions and fresh conversations. 
Here's a question that's designed and proved to help shift our thought and attitude. Just ask yourself, or someone else , "What's Gone Well Today?"
We'd love to get your responses on this blog. If you need a lift, take a look at what other teachers are posting.

Thanks for helping 'shift thought'
Christopher would also like the option of posting some of your experiences on to widen the shift. 

So, I'll start by saying that already I've had an amazing morning and it's only 9:16am.  I asked our teachers a question on facebook to generate a discussion for a blog post I will be writing soon (all about what television shows they watch in London) and three teachers responded within about 5 minutes.  I love that!  They apparently watch a lot of British tv that I've never even heard of, so I'm pretty excited to do the "research" and pass on their two cents to you.  I've already started my laundry so I can have clean clothes to wear to yoga today.  And I had a good laugh with a Canadian teacher in London who mistakenly called me here in Canada at 7:30am when she was actually meaning to call our London office.  That made me giggle.  I'm listening to an internet radio jazz station that's making me think that I should start listening to more jazz music.  My internet is back up & working, which means that I can put away the blackberry & respond to all the emails in my inbox, a task that actually makes me happy. 

But enough about me.  What's Gone Well for YOU today?  Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. Thanks for opening this up, Victoria. This can be great question tto ask students as well, or try it out in the copy room. The shift in thinking it brings is so refreshing. I visited a school today that was super busy as it was being inspected tomorrow. But this one question seemed to help people take a breath and realize what was going well.


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