Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Professional Development & Socials for Teachers in London, England

We have exciting plans for our teachers in London, England.  This year we are offering 4 fabulous events listed below.  To sign up, you must be a member of our private facebook group (which means that you were selected to teach with us in London).  If you have been selected, but aren't yet a part of the facebook group please contact me asap.

Monday, November 1st, 2010
Classroom Canada's 2nd Annual 5km Run With Richard
We did it last year and it rocked! So, get your running shoes (and possibly raincoats depending on the weather!) and meet us at the London office to Run With Richard.

Richard Gilbey, one of the founders of Classroom Ltd, will be taking us on a 5km tour of his favourite jogging route near our London office (Oxford Circus). He's an avid runner, and often jokes that he wants to take the Canadians on a little tour, so I took him up on the offer and invite you all to join us! Slow or fast, all are welcome!

If you're not a regular jogger and are worried about completing 5km, don't worry! I'll be at the back, jogging/walking the way with you. 5km goes really quickly with good company!

Tuesday November 2nd, 2010
Primary & SEN Round Table Workshop
* See description below.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
Secondary & SEN Round Table Workshop
This year, our workshops are being led by Canadian teachers who have been teaching in London with us for a year or more. They're fabulous teachers, and just like you. They know what you need to know, and have the experiences to share with you.

We're calling it a "round table workshop" as we will be focus on teachers helping other teachers.

The workshops will be focused on issues like behaviour management (tips, strategies that work in London, successes & failures) and adjusting from Canadian teaching to British teaching.

Whether you've been in London a while or are fresh off the boat, be sure to sign up asap.

Thursday, November 4th 2010
Classroom Canada's 3rd Annual London Scavenger Hunt & Teacher Social

Take over the streets of London England with other Canadian teachers & win fabulous prizes (like Canadian food, Top Deck Travel Vouchers, Flight Centre Vouchers, PC Organic White Cheddar KD...), meet other great teachers & have fun!

It's an amazing event, even if you're not a fan of scavenger hunts.

If you did the hunt last year, and want to come & have a couple of pints with me while the others take to the streets of London then please RSVP yes and leave a note to let me know you'll be hanging out with me. I need to find a pub that can accommodate us all and the more people that sit with me while the others leave for 2 hours, the better!

But if you've never done the hunt, DO IT! We'll keep your seats cozy & warm and you will probably win something awesome.
Friday November 5th, 2010
Guy Fawkes Night
We aren't actually planning anything particularly organized but wanted to give you a heads-up that Friday, November 5th is known as "bonfire night"  and "fireworks night" and "Guy Fawkes Night" - all this means that London explodes in fireworks and there are a million different ways to see them.  At the Scavenger Hunt, make some new friends & decide where you want to see the fireworks together!  Also, since most of our teachers live in our accommodations downtown, you will probably be able to walk to the big events that night.  Lucky ducks!
What a full week! We'll be giving away prizes to the people who attend the most Classroom Canada events in one week, so be sure to sign up for as many as you can.
Watch this space for more news & events as we prepare for our Cross-Canada University Tour, where we visit universities and talk to new teachers about teaching in London, England.  This year, we're inviting our past teachers to help us out at the universities they graduated from.  This means that new teachers will be able to chat with teachers who have "been there & done that" and get a really good idea of what it's really like to teach in London with us.  If you want us to visit your university, please let us know by leaving a comment below. 
Resources for Teaching in London

Classroom Canada website
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