Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey Americans & Canadians Moving to the UK: Here's How to SHOP!

I am so pleased to share some exciting news with you.  My second blog, "Canadians & Americans in the UK" has just expanded to include a co-author, Kristin Duffy from New York City.  A couple of weeks ago I announced on facebook that I wanted to invite someone into my 2nd blog, to write all about moving to the UK from a Canadian or American point of view, and through a friend, I ended up "meeting" Kristin.

You see, I write this blog "Classroom Canada" for American & Canadian teachers & teaching assistants who are moving to teach in London, England. And I started "Canadians & Americans in the UK" to answer all those questions from non-teachers who are also moving across the pond.  We all have the same questions - how to get a flat, a visa, a UK bank account, how to make friends, to network, to bring electricals see where I'm going I'm sure.  But over time, I started to neglect my 2nd blog.  Classroom Canada & Classroom America are my priorities and I found myself feeling a bit "blah" about the 2nd blog.  I knew I needed new energy & enthusiasm over there.

So, I spread the word and after receiving quite a few emails from interested bloggers, I decided to invite Kristin into the blog. She's fun, fabulous, and moving to London in just a few weeks.  She's already done quite a bit of shopping in her visits to London, so please go check out her first post "How to Shop in London."  While you're there, please check out my other posts all about moving to the UK.  And be sure to leave your comments & questions! That's how we know what to write about.

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