Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School September 2010: What are your goals for this school year?

I love this day. 

It's a day off for those of us in Canada and America, while our teachers in London are officially back to school.  The long term teachers have already organized their classrooms and met their new students.  The supply (aka daily cover, TOC, substitute) teachers are waiting for their first phone calls to cover other teachers classes due to illness or course cover.  The leaves on the trees will soon change colours.  It's time to buy clothes for autumn (or "fall" as we say in Canada and the States), and back-to-school supplies.  I love this day!

I'm not keen on New Years Resolutions, simply because I don't really feel like January 1st is a new start.  Labour Day for me is the real start to a new year. 

So, here are my resolutions and goals for this academic year:

  1. Start and follow through with the Couch to 5km Jogging program (again, and my 4th time).  I did it last year and managed to complete an 8km run which was amazing & really fun, but then had an injury that forced me to slow down in a big way.  I couldn't participate in the Classroom Canada Run With Richard, which is a 5km jog through Central London near our office with Richard Gilbey, the Managing Director of Classroom London.  I was gutted! I met the group of jogging teachers and took pre and post-jog photos, but this year I am determined to actually run with them.  Who's with me?
  2. Last year, I learned to drive & bought my first car.  So this year, I want to go on more road trips.  Shouldn't be hard, since I absolutely love driving & hit the road to interview teachers across Canada and the USA quite often.  I'll make more mixed CDs for the trips as well as pick up a few Books on CD.  Any suggestions?
  3. I officially hired another Recruitment Consultant who will start in November.  I'm really excited to spend more time focusing on Classroom America, while Anissa focuses on Classroom Canada Our American teachers are a real inspiration for me to recruit even more amazing, dynamic, enthusiastic teachers to work in London, England.  I'll tell you more about Anissa in October, but for now, just know that I'm super stoked to be expanding this little teaching agency.
  4. Go to a yoga class at least once a week.  
  5. Continue to work out and do yoga while I travel.  This is a BIG goal for me and probably the one that requires the most focus to actually do.  With all my travels, I tend to eat out a lot and leave my jogging, weight training & yoga aside - which means that I am always starting fresh every time I return home. 
  6. Attend the Austin Film Festival during the October half-term break, because I just love Austin and can't watch enough good movies.  It's a holiday for our teachers in London so I can also take off somewhere just for fun.  I don't really know anyone in Austin and will literally watch movies from 9am til midnight! I hope I meet some cool people to hang out with as well.  This is my first really adventurous trip since I moved to teach in London, England.  How exciting!
How about you?  Any "new year's" plans for this academic year?  Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. I have a number of goals... most of them personal and ever-evolving. But I have one big professional goal which I would like to post here: Get through the term without shouting at the children. Ever. There were a few moments (and days) last year when I would I would lose my cool and not know what else to do, but it doesn't feel good and it isn't effective. I will not allow myself this time to get sucked into the negativity around me.

  2. That's a fantastic goal Bryn. I completely understand. Breathing helps. Feeling your hands - focus. Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth is really good for helping you to focus on the moment - breathe. It's those few seconds that force you to really breathe through the moment rather than shout at the kids. Maybe that will help?


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