Monday, August 16, 2010

Teaching in England vs Teaching in Canada - Who Wants to Be on TV?

A while back I wrote an article for Sarah Ebner's blog School Gate about the differences between teaching in London and teaching in Canada.  The Times Online has started to charge to read their paper so I'm not sure if you can still access it but you can certainly try to here.

Since then, a media company has contacted our London Office to interview Canadian teachers for a program they are developing for Teachers TV. The focus is on the difference between teaching in London and Canada.  WOW!  How exciting is that?  I constantly tell our teachers to check out Teachers TV before they depart to teach in the UK, and now they are contacting us to chat about Canadian teaching vs London teaching.  Love it!

If you're interested in being on television and helping others understand what it's really like to teach in Canada and London please contact me asap (you can email me directly - Victoria AT classroomcanada DOT com) so I can get you in touch with the TV folks.  They've expressed a special interest in those teachers from Alberta, but will also consider teachers from across Canada. 

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Classroom Canada website
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